Nuru massage - Body to body, super erotic massage

I have recently written a post about how to give your partner the best sensual massage they have ever had. And this is about all the very important basics about how to work with the nervous system to create a body melting experience.
There I was talking about nuru massage gel, and I decided to write a separate post about nuru massage, hence it is super sexy and juicy and quite different in many ways than the “classic” sensual massage.

You have probably seen nuru massage elements in porn already. But it is much hotter to experience it in person. 

Nuru massage is coming from Japan, and it means slippery.

What do you need for a nuru massage?

Nuru massage gel - A clear, smooth, lickable, tasteless, water based gel that is making your and your partner’s body slippery so that you can slide on each other smoothly. The gel is totally natural, made from seaweed.

Preferably a vinyl (but at least waterproof) sheet. When you have the right sheets, you can slide much better and easier. Yes, nuru massage is very messy and fun and juicy. 

If you are not into sliding on the sheets too, you can also choose normal sheets that you are ok with being soaked in massage gel. 

You need the same preparation as for a sensual massage (click here for the post).

After the shower you can start to rub all over your and your partner’s body. This is a totally naked massage, and the more gel you have, the easier to slide and glide and enjoy the erotic contact of your bodies. If you rub the gel into the skin still wet from the shower the gel would be even more slippery. Cover your whole body.

How is the nuru massage different from a sensual massage?

So yes, in this massage "technique" you don’t only use your hands, but other body parts as well.

Soft tissue on hard bone and hard bone on soft tissue: Like for example your back is a harder surface, using soft breasts or buttocks over the area can feel amazing. Lower arms over the buttocks or on the calves are also a good choice.

Sliding your whole body over your partner's body can feel amazing. If you are worried about being too heavy, use your hands on the side to add extra support. This you can do facing down or facing up as well.

Use your buttocks to give a super sexy massage. Straddle over your partner and move from the back down to the calves. Rock your pelvis and enjoy the ride. You can support yourself with your hands.

Another variation of the straddle is when you are using your thighs instead of your bum.

You can play with direction and positions. The smoothness of the movement is really inspiring. 

Click here for your nuru massage gel.

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