How to have the best orgasms with your wand

I had my first wand about 15 years ago. And I totally loved it. Orgasms were not my best friends at that time. It took ages for me to cum, if I could cum at all. But it was different with my wand. It was intense, reliable and fast. I used it the same way as most people do. Press it on my clit and I was ready to go. Oh my god, I had no idea of how much yummy potential I lost.

My orgasm struggles have been over for many years now, and my pleasure maximiser attitude is having lots of fun playing with my toys and finding new ways to enjoy them. 

best orgasms with magic wand


Riding a magic wand is ooooooooh myyyyyyy gooooooood

First I tried it on the bed. Just laying down the wand and straddle it. 

Oh... the freedom of this. You can move your hips, and this helps to calm your nervous system. Why does this help with your orgasms? Because if your nervous system is happy, your highway to the big O is wide open for you. Just ride the waves baby.

But this is not all. You are in control. You can move up and down according to how you like the vibration. Closer to your sensitive spot or a bit further away? What about a bit more right? You decide. It is your rhythm. Your intensity and exactly the kind of variation that you want.

My pussy likes the wand on the chair even more. The surface of the chair changes the depth of the vibrations. Still the same toy, but a very different experience. Hence your hands are free, you can get good use of them. 

Wands are not only for clits...

or for labias (yummy) or for the openings of the vaginas (squirting alarm)...

Vibrations can feel good at many other places. You can even use them to wire other parts of your body. If you want to make your nipples more orgasmic, you have the right toy for that too.

Wands can make penises (and balls) very happy too. If you are kinky, wands for example can be the best toys to edge a cock in chastity device.

Have you tried your wand over clothing or a textile?

It is going to be a very new experience. It works wonders with those who don’t like vibrations very much. 

Don’t believe me, try these tips!

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