How to choose the sex toy that blows your mind

When most people decide to buy a new sex toy they tend to go for the most popular ones. But are really those toys the best ones or do you have even better options?

Yes you do. 

And how do you find these better options?


By answering these 3 fundamental questions. The more you will know yourself, the easier to choose the toy that can provide the mind-blowing pleasure you are craving.

1. What do you want more of?

Maybe you want more orgasms? Then vibration or suction sounds like the way to go. What about trying lube with tingling sensations that creates more blood flow? Or a super powerful wand? 

Do you want more control or less control? Maybe it is time to experiment with some bondage. Or a remote controlled or app managed toy can provide the extra umph for you. Have you ever tried a chastity device?

Maybe you are craving more excitement. What about some anal beads that you can wear while you are outside. Or a vibrating egg. Or a panty vibrator. Don’t underestimate the power of secrets.

Do you want to feel more connected even while you are far from each other? Did you know that Love Sense toys can be synchronised together so that both of you can share the same experience even while you are away?

Are your senses hungry for more? Do you want to feel different textures on your skin? Feeling the light strokes of a feather? The heaviness of a cold chain? Something new that you can only guess because you are blindfolded? You want a different massage oil that will bring you to an exotic journey?

Or maybe it is something else that is making you tick.

But if you don’t know the answer to this question, don’t worry you have other perspectives here as well.

Would you like to discover a new possibility? For squirting or prostate play a glass toy can be the ideal to start with.

Don’t feel ashamed if you are into beautiful, luxury toys. For some people design and superb quality are a turn on. 

2. What do you find challenging?

When you can sort something out that is bothering you or causing you to lose pleasure that means a whole new, juicier and more satisfying experience for you.

Maybe you love anal play, but you struggle with relaxing into the experience. So an anal lube with a relaxer, and a smaller anal toy to start with can be the optimal initiation. 

Maybe your partner needs more time to orgasm than you and a delay cream would help you with this. But if you want something longer lasting, you can build more endurance with the Stamina Training Unit. 

Maybe a better lube will make a huge difference for you.

Maybe you need extra stimulation to cum during intercourse and a strong vibrating cock ring will provide that extra push for you. Maybe you would prefer a small bullet vibrator for this. 

3. How is your body wired for pleasure?

This is as much about your erotic anatomy as how you experience pleasure.

Do you experience orgasms better through constant and focused simulations? Choose a rabbit vibrator that is not actually a rabbit with bunny ears, but with one bigger head instead. Or try the new twirling kind of vibrators.

Did you try strap-ons before, but you had a problem? Are you too juicy for the strapless ones? Or maybe your vaginal opening is more distant from your clitoris so the harnesses with insertable dildos are not comfortable enough for you. 

Are you into being overwhelmed by different sensations at the same time? How about adding nipple vibrators to your play? Or a prostate vibrator with perineum stimulation and a cock ring at the same time?

Do you prefer deep and powerful vibrations or higher frequencies?

The more you know your body and your sensitivity, the better your choice will be.

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