Comparing 2 powerful finger vibrators

I love comparing toys. It is the ultimate way to know my body and of course the toys better. I start to realise differences that I wasn’t aware of beforehand. Like if they vibrate at the same frequency for example…

When I do comparisons I usually find even more inspiration, when I just do the normal review of the toy. Not because I’m not attentive when I'm hmmm testing a toy, but because the situation inspires me to see more outside of the box.

This is what happened with this review too. So let’s start.

I have to admit, I had a preliminary hypothesis that they are vibrating the same, just their shape is different. But this is not true. Even though both of them are from the same brand: Satisfyer, and both of them are finger vibrators, they are actually quite different.

What is a finger vibrator?

Finger vibrators are small and powerful bullet kind of vibrators with a twist. They are shaped in a way that it is very easy to hold them, actually most of them are almost effortlessly in the hand, and even those who have some difficulty with holding something in their hand find it easy to play with a finger vibrator.

These 2 finger vibrators are differently shaped.

The Satisfyer High Fly has a triangular shape. The toy is held a special way between 3 fingers. The middle finger is on the top and the 2 fingers on the side go under the wings. This means that if for example you have chubby fingers you don’t have to worry about if your finger fits or not in the ring, because there is no ring, but the vibrator is still stable in your hand.

The triangular shape is also very useful if you want some vibrations over the labia. The “wings” are very flexible and soft, so you have lots of options to play with the vibrations all over the body. I personally like the High Fly more for foreplay rather than clitoral vibrations. My nipples like this toy more than the other one, the Teaser Ultimate.

Let's talk about the Teaser now. That is a longer vibrator with a ring in the middle. One side of the toy is softer, the other one is harder. To be honest, I haven’t found a big difference between the two materials. It is a big finger vibrator, so I hadn’t realized before that it can be used internally. Finger vibrators are designed for use on the skin, but not penetration. However the Teaser Ultimate can feel really good around the anus or vaginal opening or a little bit more inside as well. It won’t be a full penetration experience like with a classic vibrator, but it will be way more than what a usual finger vibrator can provide. It is really a teaser. 

So as you can see there is already a big difference between the two.

But what surprised me the most is that the vibrations are also not the same. As you can see in the video. We are talking about very different frequencies here. (Read my guide for the best vibrators.)

The Teaser Ultimate has deeper vibrations that I personally find more pleasurable than the higher buzz of the High Fly. Which doesn’t mean that you will like the High Fly less. This is very personal, and this preference can change with the mood as well.

Both of them are super easy to clean, they are waterproof and rechargeable. I find them quite quiet as well. Ideal toys for your pleasure box. But to be honest I would have them more like an appetiser than a main dish. They are ideal for foreplay and teasing, I just need a bit more for my self pleasure.
Use them for edging or teasing, and leave your partner craving for more. Now it is up to you how you continue.

Click here for the Satisfyer High Fly.
Click here for the Satisfyer Teaser Ultimate.

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