Your guide for the best vibrations

Lots of people think that there is no difference between vibration and vibration, maybe some of them are more powerful, hence the vibrator has a more powerful engine, but that’s it.

But the truth is, that vibrations are not the same. I should rather say that vibrations don’t feel the same. Also more powerful vibrations do not necessarily feel better. Or they don’t feel good everywhere.

Does this sound confusing? Let me explain to you, so that you can choose your toys more wisely and play better with the best vibrations for the task.

Let’s talk about the qualities of vibrations:

Frequency of the vibration

Sounds are vibrations. The frequency of the vibrations changes the sound. When you focus on how your vibrator feels, you can feel the difference between vibrations with higher frequency and lower frequency. They both can feel very satisfying. Sometimes you can even hear the difference between the higher and lower frequencies.

Power of the vibration

This is about the engine of the vibrator and of course of the intensities that a vibrator can provide. This is why a Doxy Massager Wand has a plug version not “just” a rechargeable one, so that you can have more power and having that as long as you want.

Depth of the vibration

This is more about how deep you can feel the vibrations. Some vibrations you can feel more on the surface of the skin. Other vibrators can “penetrate” deeper. Yes, this is a lot about how powerful the vibrator is, but also the shape of the vibrator can define this factor.
A pointed vibrating bullet like this one can send more focused vibrations than for example a flexible vibrator with petals like the Belou or the Satisfyer Fluttering Power Flower the vibrations are most distributed on the surface. Both feel very different.


Of course the material of the vibrator also has a factor in this. The softer and more flexible material gives a milder sensation than harder one. You can even have glass vibrators. The more you experiment, the more you can find out what is the best for the task.


You know a lot about control and that most vibrators have several levels and patterns in order for you to play with the intensities. You can also play with how much pressure you apply when you hold a vibrator on the skin.

But there is an other option that I find amazing. This is the app option for a vibrator. Why is that so different from the button option?

First of all you have way more levels and options. If you find that there is too much of a “jump” between 2 levels of vibrations, most apps have more possibilities, so that you can really enjoy the optimal vibrations for you. You can also create the best vibration waves as well, if you find more pleasure in riding the waves, then constant stimulation, including letting your vibrator go totally random.
This is what I love a lot about the Satisfyer Mono Flex for example. When I use the Bluetooth app, I can play softer or deeper or with more variety… Yummm.

And let's talk about the most important factor:

What the body likes and where…

In my coaching practice I help people to explore and create their arousal map. This includes testing out what different sensations and dynamics their body likes. And this can also change from body part to body part. 

For example some people’s nipples are more sensual. They love warm sensations, soft materials, kisses… Other people’s nipples can be kinky and wired more for liking pinches… But at the same time their inner thighs can be more energetic, maybe liking soft touches, blows of air and feathers… (If you haven’t read my touch skills post, it is time to do that now.)

So place all of your vibrators around and try them. And not “just” on your genitals, but all over your body. Do this with curiosity.

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