5 ways to make your self-pleasure hotter and even more satisfying

If you read this, you probably masturbate, just like the majority of people. We do it, because it feels good or amazing. We love the orgasms, the excitement, the release, the freedom…

Still there is always more, and deep down we all know this, and we want to have an even juicier, more satisfying solo sex life as well, because it is our birth right, and it is all to us…

But what can you do to elevate your self-pleasure and make it totally fulfilling?

Go for pleasure rather than orgasms

The number one cause of stagnation is your sex life is related to working for an orgasm. When you focus on the orgasm part only, you lose playfulness, freedom and usually follow a pattern over and over and over again. 

This means that you are losing out on most of the pleasure and also most of your erotic potential at the same time. Bliss is coming from openness and flow and can’t be forced upon on you.

When you stop focusing on orgasms and allow yourself to experience the moment you are opening the gate to new discoveries, new kinds of climaxes and you can be surprised how amazing things your body is capable of.

If you want to become super horny denying orgasms is also a journey that can blow your mind. 

Try edging

I know I was just hyping “not being focused on orgasms” up, and now I’m talking about orgasms again. I don’t want to take your climaxes away from you at all. And you can also choose edging to have unbelievable huge orgasms.

Edging is all about getting closer to your climax, but you just don’t allow yourself to cum. You hold back, even stop, you focus on something back… The more rounds of edging you do, the bigger your orgasm will be at the end. You build up sexual energy for a huge release.

Challenge yourself

When you intentionally try something new (even if it is only one time) you open yourself up to new stimuluses. Maybe you want to experiment with squirting. Or prostate massages. Maybe you want to try energetic sex. 

One of my favourites is to challenge myself to do less. Time to time I go (much, much, much) slower and I use less pressure and I enjoy how much this enhances everything. I allow myself to be led slowly and deepening into the moment.

This challenge also includes the fantasies and videos you are watching. Try something new next time. Don’t go for the usual. And I don’t want to mislead you here, this sometimes needs a period to really embrace, and maybe first you won’t find these as hot as the old ones, but try to allow yourself to still open up to something new. It is normal and there is a new garden of eden on the other side for you.

Whatever you choose as a challenge is going to liberate a part of yourself that you usually don’t utilise. 

Limit yourself so that you can feel more 

Using a blindfold will keep you more in the present moment. Self-pleasure through your lingerie and it will all feel very different. Do something differently.

What about using self-restraints (there are safe ones for solo play as well.

When you take something away that is usually part of your masturbation routine, other aspects are going to be accentuated. And you need this to explore what is possible.

Moaning can feel amazing, especially when you are cumming. You allow yourself to expand and go higher. What about trying to move this energy rather in than out. This is very different from when you try to be silent so that nobody can hear you, but rather keep all the energy inside yourself, including the sound and let it all explode into your genitals.

Try a sex toy

Sex toys can help you to create new, unforgettable, juicy experiences. They can help you to reach places that you can do otherwise. Or you can use them for more stimulation or to enjoy a different kind of feeling than before. They can go as long as you want, they can reach as far as you want, you don’t have to compromise.

Solo-play is allowing yourself to do exactly what you want, and how you want it. And there are so many toys for you to totally own and enjoy. Choose one that you feel excited about and allow yourself to ride the waves of pleasure.

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