5 ways to have more sex in your life - Part 2

If you haven’t read the first part with the other 2 tips, you are missing out. Click here and come back here after. Those tips are essential to build the foundations for more sex, more orgasms, more satisfaction.

And now let’s go further into the juicy bits. Because there are more ways to create momentum and open the gates for more sex.

Try something new

Novelty is interesting. It keeps your imagination active and your body more turned on. And no matter how experienced you are, there is always more to discover and play with. And this is where the juice is. You are present. Please allow yourself to have fun with the new things, and laugh at yourself when something doesn’t go as planned.

There are plenty of different options to hold the potential for more and better sex.

Try a different kind of “porn”

I don’t “just” recommend checking a different category out, but what about audio porn?

Or reading stories and giving more space for your imagination?

Would you like to write your own porn to make your fantasies more “real” for yourself.

What about checking out more real, ethical porn? 

Try a new sex toy

This is the arena where there are the most options for you to try something new. We are adults who love to play and you will find it amazing how creative and amazing your options are nowadays. Whichever area you will choose to experiment with, you will be amazed by the possibilities. 

It is totally ok, if you don’t know where to start. It is a new world opening up for you.

Board games, cards and dice… allow you to be inspired with low risks. 

Glass dildos are mind blowing. They slide so easily and you can use any lube with them. The different shapes and textures create new stimulations. If you want to squirt or play with prostate orgasm choose a curved one like the Glamour wands.

Male masturbators have plenty of new functions from sucking to thrusting and convulsing… 

Do you want sex toys that are not realistic so that you can indulge more into your fantasy world? No problem.

Would you like to have a bigger, vibrating cock? You can have that too…

Trying different power dynamics or role playing is also full of possibilities


You can start everything in small doses. You don’t have to become a whole new erotic persona from one day to the other. The key is always in giving yourself freedom to try something new, not trying to force yourself to become somebody else.

Use erotic challenges to uplevel your skills and create new possibilities

I know I’ve just told you not to push yourself. And that thing is still true. So when I say to challenge yourself it is more about giving yourself a new focus to explore a different “taste” and/or go deeper into something.

An erotic challenge can be trying for a different kind of orgasm.

Kissing at least 10 seconds at times with your partner instead of just a short smooch on the lips.

It can be oral sex for 20 days in a row for at least 15 minutes a time

Maybe “no penetration pleasure” for a month is going to open a new realm of possibilities..

Or even it can be going slower and lighter for 10 days.

You can even challenge yourself to be more present in your body.

And don’t forget to celebrate yourself for your boldness. :) Making a conscious effort is a big thing, and it is not defined by how far you go. You are doing the right thing.

Tease and deny (even if “just” yourself)

When you can’t have it, all of a sudden you want it more. So use this force to create irresistible attraction. 

So tell yourself that you just can’t have sex / are not allowed to cum / just won’t masturbate… and you will start to want it more.

What about pleasuring yourself and allowing yourself to be close to cuming but you just stop before your orgasm? 

And what about telling your partner how sexy they are, but you “just” won’t fuck them tonight?

Have you tried a chastity device yet?

Can you turn yourself on without touching yourself?

How can you deny pleasure from yourself in a way that creates a magnetic attraction? So don’t go for fulfilment every time. Try to stay hungry, but don’t starve yourself too much. 

If you struggle with low libido and you don’t allow yourself more pleasure that can help to create more space and freedom which leads to the longing that you love. The key here is not to give yourself permission to “not think about sex” (this leads to less sex), but deny yourself to think about sex (because this is going to lead to wanting sex more).  

Sometimes you have to reverse the dynamics to break through a cycle.

Feel free to experiment with these tips, and find the ones that work the best for you.

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