This Annoys me Most About Shopping Online - Get Real!

Sometimes I see Offers online that really annoy me. See I run an online sex shop so am always fascinated in how others run their online stores.

I came across a website early in the week that was offering a free gift valued at €249 with every €30 purchase - and it included free shipping!

What is your first impression of that?

A Good Deal? Where do I sign up? Quick Buy Buy Buy?

Mine was - Do this shower think I'm absolutely fucking stupid??? - Do they really expect me to believe if I spend €30 I'm going to get a free gift worth €249.

I don't doubt I'll get something but if this is a real business and not a scam they have to make a margin out of you. So in total the products they send you + the Shipping + The VAT + The Operating Costs all have to come in under €30 or they are dead in the water.

To me this company is treating its customers like fools, they are not being honest and they have not got the customer at the heart of anything that they do. 

We honestly at PlayBlue have the customer at the heart of our decisions in how we operator and working out of a small country like Ireland that also means honesty is vital - Just Read our independent Customer Reviews on TrustPilot. The customer has to believe what you say, they don't have to always like it but we will always be honest and try our best to do things right. 

We will never lie to our customers and I just hope companies like these sending outrageous "Deals" fail. We do special offers and on each one, you mightn't like it but we have to make money on every order. Sometimes on our special Email Deadly Deals it is very little but we have to be in the black on each order or we are being dishonest and treating our customers as fools.

We do give out free gifts with orders over €30 but I'm afraid they are not worth €249 they are nice little thank yous for Shopping with PlayBlue.

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