Free Sex Toys Explained

Update 25th May 2022 - Due to the ongoing pressure to keep prices as low as possible we have decided to pause our Free Gift offer. We have been running it for almost 10 years so everyone in the country probably has a free gift at this stage lol.


Free Gifts

We value our customers so when you place an order with PlayBlue we want to say thanks.

This is why we created our PlayBlue Free Gifts. When you place an order with PlayBlue and spend €30 or more you will be given a mystery free gift with your order.

Our gifts change all the time and are totally dependent on what great products we can wrangle off our suppliers. Some of our free gifts have been valued at €30 plus This is just another way that PlayBlue is the best online sex store experience in Ireland.

How does it work?

  1. Shop as normal adding all the great products you want from PlayBlue to your shopping cart. When you’re done just go to the shopping cart to check out p.s. Don’t forget the lube!
  2. If you have at least €30 in your shopping basket you will see a mystery free gift item has automatically been added as no extra charge.
  3. Check out as normal and your order will include your free gift as a thank you it really couldn’t be easier.

Our Free Gifts

Our free gifts change from time to time but here are a selection of the free gifts we have offered as a taster! Our selection is in constant flux and in the past have had Sex Toy Storage Bags, Bodystockings, Love Slappers, Loads of Different Vibrators, Lubes, Massage Oil, Cock Rings, Cock Sleeves, Tongue Vibrators etc.... you get the idea.

If in store you can always ask for the free gift too and there is no problem, just make sure to ask at the till. If you've spent a few quid they probably have automatically added a free gift anyway but really guaranteed it's no problem once you've spent at least €30 - Ask.

Minx Bullet

Minx Bliss Bullet

Smooth touch 7 speeds bullet that will hit all your sweet spots. Waterproof too and really discreet letting it go anywhere. Really easy to use with a single button it might just become your go-to sex buddy.

Magoon Massage Oil

Magoon Massage Oil

Come honestly who doesn't enjoy a sensual massage? A couples favourite to help you relax or get you going. I always think a massage should be like disney it should always have a happy ending.

Perfect for travel too.

Finger Vibe

Finger Vibe

Change your fingers to stimulators with this magic little device. Incredible focused vibrations just where you want them. Great alone for a bit of self lovin' but better with a partner. Small simple but absolutely brilliant.

Magnetic Cock Ring

Magnetic Cock Ring

Science meets nature with this jelly magnetic cock ring with 5 strategically placed magnets to that will increase blood flow to the penis giving larger stronger erections. Super stretchy jelly will fit all penis sizes and are sure to satisfy.

Love Slapper

Love Slapper

We all have a little kinky and this could be something sparks off a whole new avenue of love for you. This incredibly brilliant Love Slapper will show your partner who's boss. Or if you are a child of a certain vintage might make give you flashbacks to the dreaded wooden spoon... it's all good.


Anything I need to know?

I know I hate the terms and conditions bit too you always feel as if they are about to wiggle out of it with something like only applies on a Tuesday with a Full Moon between 3:32am and 3:34am...

Relax this is PlayBlue that's not how we roll. Simple fair rules to just make everything crystal clear and to stop the messers ruining it for everyone.

  1. Our free gifts change all the time and we do not guarantee what free gift you will get, but it will be great.
  2. Some of the free gifts have been ordered in special reduced packaging to make shipping products for free more affordable.
  3. Our free gifts can only be shipped with an order and cannot unfortunately be shipped to a different address.
  4. Free Gifts can’t be exchanged for another item or for a discount on your order.
  5. We will only ship one free gift per address. So no point splitting orders as they will be merged.
  6. In the extremely unlikely event you have a problem with a free gift please contact us and we’ll sort it out.
  7. We of course will only ship Free Gifts to qualifying orders so if by some accident you manage to order a Free Gift on an order that doesn't meet the criteria, the Free Gift won't ship.
  8. We will not ship a Free Gift with a PlayBlue Gift Card but will of course send Free Gifts with the orders made using the Gift Card.