The Perfect Valentine’s Gift - Screaming Orgasms!

I can understand that not everyone's first thought when they think Valentines is Fisting Toys, but trust us we’ll never judge.

Valentine’s is the perfect opportunity to introduce a little extra spice into your relationships with some special bedroom accouterments. At PlayBlue we love Valentines. It's a time to express your true feelings. Grand gestures are in and a time for romance and candle lit dinners. A time to make that extra effort and might just turbo start your sex life.

Valentines Gifts

To help you choose the perfect gift I’ve decided to offer a few suggestions depending on where you are in your sex toys journey. We have left out some of the most obvious options like scented massage oils and candles, arousal creams etc but I hope you aren’t waiting for Valentine’s to enjoy these, Are You?

Total Sex Toy Novice

It’s never too late and the best advice is to go for a sex toy kit. If you’ve never tried sex toys unless you have your eye on a particular sex toy a kit gives you the chance to try a few different options and you might just be amazed what you love. They are not too expensive and offer you great scope to explore what you might be into.

Hetro Couple

If you have never tried one, go for a wearable “We-Vibe” style couples vibrator. They are an experience and might just blow you away. Otherwise try a sex toy for you both like a massage wand or some light bondage toys. Many men think vibrators are just for Her but let me tell you a well place bullet can make you explode!

Male Gay Couple 

You want to be buying something a little special it’s Valentines don’t mess it up. Buying His&His toys like Steel cock rings or a high quality remote control plug or prostate massage can really add that special something to your Valentines nocturnal games. Maybe some male erotic clothing.

Lesbian Couple

Remember we are looking for couples toys for Valentines and the most obvious is strap-ons but wands, wearables and finger vibes are brilliant too. Her & Her matching dildos never fails too. 

These obviously are only suggestions and if you think the 12” Suction Cup monster screams Valentine’s for you then go for it. Valentines is about spending time appreciating and spoiling your partner and what better way than with a bucket load of screaming orgasms.

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