Returns on Lingerie!! What?

One thing I’m really proud about in PlayBlue is I honestly believe we are always fair. We try our best for our customers and want them to be satisfied and to make a profit that is sustainable.

Returns Fraud

But one step we will never go to is an underhanded returns policy that screws all our customers. The problem is that companies like ASOS and Boohoo have trained a generation of shoppers to believe they can buy 3 different colours of a dress and just return 2 with no consequences. Well this kind of policy is a disaster for everyone, especially the customer.

Think about it for a second, what do you think happens to that blue and red version of that gorgeous green dress you just shipped back. You might have tried them all on walked around the house and decided, no not for me. Or if you have less scruples worn the red one out for the night and sprayed it with some deodorant and shipped it back. What do you think happens to this returned dress?

I’ll tell you, it gets re-tagged and re-stocked and then shipped out to the next poor bugger. With companies like this reporting 40%+ return rates that will mean a huge percentage of the products that they are selling have been worn already. They are effectively selling second hand, unwashed in most cases, cloths as new.

You might think a totally 100% free unrestricted returns policy is a Win-Win but the reality is it’s a Lose-Lose. The companies have to build the cost of multiple shipping fees into each dress making them either dearer or sourcing cheaper, probably both. Then the consumer unknowingly is paying over the odds for second-hand clothes. This is the reality and is unavoidable in the present model these companies operate.

At PlayBlue we totally reject this way of doing business. We will only EVER send out 100% original never worn / used products. We have a free returns policy on our Sex Toys once they are unopened and in a totally resalable condition. Or of course if they are faulty or we have made a mistake, If there is even the smallest suggestion a returned product has been used we send them straight back to the supplier. The vast majority (95%+) of our returns go back to the suppliers, who we have pre-organised a returns policy with before we ever use them.

But that brings us to the big exception in our returns policy and that is lingerie. Unless the lingerie is faulty or we have shipped the wrong one, we do not accept returns on lingerie. Due to the intimate nature of these products we just will never take the chance it has been worn and refuse to build in the cost of this to our prices.

We believe this is fair and we try to be super clear as we have the returns policy on every single product description page. We’re trying to con no one and honestly hope all our customers prior to purchasing lingerie off us understand this. We are proud of this policy because that makes us a company you can 100% guarantee will ship you new, never worn lingerie every time you purchase off us. Any company who accepts returns on lingerie is in my opinion deceiving the customer and frankly is not a company whose products I’d ever like to purchase, because you just don’t know where they’ve been!

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