Mystery Box - Do you love a surprise?

How brave are you? Do you like to gamble? I love a surprise special sexy gift that you know is coming but have no idea what you are going to get. Like that present under the Christmas tree for 3 days before you can open it. It builds excitement and tension and just raw longing. I love it. So I wanted to be able to offer something at PlayBlue that will do the same. 

Let me introduce the PlayBlue Mystery Box. This is a package with a mystery item (or items) that are guaranteed to offer great value combined with the fun element of not knowing what you are going to get. This could easily lead you down a whole new avenue of your sex life. Imagine you can now purchase yourself a sneaky surprise gift. It is a bit of a gamble as of course you may get something you don’t like, but maybe you don’t like it but never tried it and now that you have it in hand with the lingering excitement of opening your surprise you might just try it and now you love it… see how it works?

Mystery Box

We have split it into a Male Mystery Box, Female Mystery Box, Couples Mystery Box so you can get a surprise that will more than likely suit. Or for the real adventurous the PlayBlue Mystery Box which could contain anything. We guarantee a retail value of at least €30 so you will always get good value and we also won’t include products with multiple sizes, like sized lingerie or condoms. Finally we don’t include any real niche products so for instance we won’t include a Cock Cage or Dilators or Electro Toys you get the idea.

There are some absolute winners in the first batch of gifts I packed myself but all are great value. Even the person packing your order won’t know what you are getting because the Mystery Box items are all pre-packed when we stock them. So no point asking for specific items or preferences because this is not how it works and kind of defeats the whole Mystery part. 

If you are not going to be happy with a load of different items like if the idea of getting a butt plug you find insulting then this is not for you. The Mystery Box is for customers who just want a surprise and are open minded enough to give anything a go. We can’t take requests or choices in these products as they are all pre-packed and we won’t know what you get either. We also can’t accept exchange returns on mystery box items because again it kind of defeats the purpose and idea. We have packed these full of value and priced them super cheap. You may get a product worth multiples of the €19 retail price but we guarantee it will be retail valued at least €30 so you are always a winner. 

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