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PlayBlue Mystery Product Box

PlayBlue Mystery Product Box

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Guaranteed Minimum value is €30

PlayBlue loves the feeling and excitement of getting a surprise sexy gift. Now you can have that experience whenever you want. 

We have thousands of products in stock ready to go and we've packaged up loads and are selling them as a mystery box. We have products valued at multiples of the price and a guaranteed minimum of €30 retail value with many worth much more.

You can go pure mystery and we will just choose a random product pack. Or if that is just a little too out there for you, then limit it to Male Mystery Box, Female Mystery Box or Couples Mystery Box. 

Mystery Boxes might actually contain more then one product as we try to pack more value in.

Products will arrived packed into opaque bags so even we will not know what product we ship. Please only purchase this if you are happy to receive a surprise as we will not be able to choose a product for you. It's in the name this is a mystery box. There are a few changes to the returns policy of these products too. We can of course accept returns on broken products but change of mind or exchanges are not possible.

PlayBlue Mystery Product Box - For hardcore thrill seekers who want a total surprise that might open up a whole new passion for you. A totally random selection of Mystery Box.

Couples Mystery Box - A Mystery Product that would suit a couple. Guaranteed to be a product(s) a couple could enjoy and explore together.

Male Mystery Box - This Mystery Box will contain a product suitable for a male. You just gotta be a little adventurous to get the best out of this.

Female Mystery Box - Now a mystery box for the girls. This might expand how you view sex toys and pleasure. 

N.B. This product is a random selection. If you are going to be offended receiving some sex toys this is really not for you. The gift could literally contain anything we sell. We will not include products like sized lingerie or hard core or niche products but of course this is all subjective. Purchasing a mystery box is for the open minded fun personality.

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Customer Reviews

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Great idea

I received my mystery box and I'm very happy about it well worth the value