Male Masturbators Explosion

Only a few years ago masturbator sex toys for men were very limited. You had the option of a Fleshlight or a sleeve and that was almost it. We men used to look longingly across the sex shop at the row after row of female vibrators in all shapes, sizes and functions and wonder like What the absolute F*$k?

Now we are literally drowning in choice. The explosion is male masturbators has been nothing short of amazing and is by far the biggest change we’ve seen in the last 5 years. Male masturbators are now are single biggest selling category of sex toys and I personally am delighted to see men are given pleasure options too which will hopefully start to chip away at the lingering stigma attached to them.

Masturbating Good

Fleshlight was the supreme king of male toys but now we have a huge number of very similar and in my opinion some better versions. Main Squeeze, Satisfyer Men, Svakom and Tenga are all selling very similar high quality male non vibrating textured masturbators that are easily the equal in terms of quality to Fleshlight.

Then we have the machines with functions like Heating, Vibrating, Thrusting, Sucking, Live Porn Sync Up, Distance Control, Throbbing need I go on. 

For instance the PDX Elite Moto Bator 2 - Simple to use and my God it has nearly everything. Thrusting, sucking and Heat Up. It is rechargeable and simple to clean. It really is a huge step forward on the traditional sleeves.

Then look at the likes of the Kiiroo Keon, it ain’t cheap but this is a beast. It can actually do up to 230 thrust per min but would you dare go that fast? You can sync it up to online platforms for interactive play with videos, games and webcams too. This sex toy offers amazing play experiences and is built to last.

Now one of my favourites is the AutoBlow AI this machine is again not a cheap option but it delivers value for money in orgasms. It has a super solid built quality means it will last and the variety of play options means it will always please. 

Even at the cheaper end of the game the masturbators available now are incredible like the Rebel Blow Job Pulsating Masturbator for less the €60 this heats up pulsating the penis head and vibrates to give amazing pleasure. Or maybe the JamyJob SpinJob for €50 it looks weird, a little like a squid when in motion but it offers an amazing unique sensation that I promise you won’t be able to handle. 

This is just a taste of what is on offer now in male masturbators and men should not feel embarrassed about chasing their own pleasure too, all these are magic when playing solo but even better with a partner.

Please note all prices quotes are as of March 2023 and of course are open to change.

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