Last Minute Lingerie

Beautiful but demanding kids, a job you love to hate and a significant other who’s almost as devoted to the missionary position as they are to watching Game of Thrones in their dressing gown on a Saturday night. Sound like your life? Sounds to us like you need to zhoosh something up quicksmart. Swapping out your kids, job or spouse are most likely not an option (and you wouldn’t really want to anyway, would you?) so it’s time to spice up your sexlife - STAT! We know just the people to help you with that.

Here at PlayBlue we love to chat (some may say brag) about our super fast delivery time. But can you blame us? We work hard to maintain our ‘order today, have it tomorrow’ standard - and we do a pretty good job, if we do say so ourselves. At the moment over 99% of our orders dispatch same or next day, and we’re always pushing to get that number to 100%. If you order from us before 4pm on a weekday you are almost certain to have your product in your hands the next working day (unless something out of our control happens - which it does from time to time, unfortunately). Our speedy delivery time means that you can spice up your routine at the drop of a hat. And what’s the ultimate accessory for spicing up your sex life? Controversial opinion here, but we think it’s lingerie.   

Now we know lingerie might seem a little safe - especially coming from a site that recently discussed orgy etiquette but hear us out. Lingerie is the classic mood shifter and it has been for decades. It’s a great way to break a sex rut, change the vibe or enhance whatever chemistry you and your partner already have going on - especially if you’re not ready to pop on a full gimp suit and hop on one of these bad boys just yet.

Here are some of our best last minute lingerie picks for you or your partner. Now go forth and have some sex worth pausing Game of Thrones for!

- For something classic: We think it’s important to have a classic set of lingerie to fall back on. Like the ‘little black dress’ a little black set of lingerie can be used for any occasion. Well, maybe not any but they’re certainly good to have in ones arsenal!

- For when you want to take control: When it comes to domming, how you present yourself can really make a difference. The right outfit can really help you switch up your mindset and get into the headspace to take control. This wet look Passion Hellen Dress fights close to the body while still being flattering and it really pulls off the dominatrix vibe.

- For when you want something a little more demure: Not every time you have sex is going to be a kink-fest. Sometimes you just want to get it on with someone you love and look great doing it. This Passion Janet Corset with matching thong is great for those nights. Why not pair it with some stockings to up the devilish factor while still looking angelic in white?

- For some roleplay: Lingerie and roleplay go hand in hand - they’re both easy ways to spice up your sex life and what’s an actor without their costume?! How about this Magic Silk Sexy Nurse outfit for starters? That’ll cure what ails ya.

- For plus-size ladies: This red lace corset and G-string from Magic Silk is a well-made, supportive piece of lingerie, ideal if you’re on the busty side. It has adjustable straps and garters, so you can make it fit in a way that’s both comfortable and enhancing for your particular body. The best news is that it’s available up to a size 28.

- For men looking to try something new: How about the Goodfellas Black Strap Brief? You might discover that lingerie is not for you, but this brief is affordable enough that you can definitely give it a go.

- For men who’ve been around the block quite a few times: This black studded harness from Ouch. You don’t need me to explain why. 

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