In With The New!

As you may have noticed, we have a whole crop of shiny new products available here on the site for your perusing (and hopefully using) pleasure. Seriously, there are A LOT and they are deadly. We’re very excited about it.

In our eyes, it never hurts to shake things up - both in general, and of course in the bedroom. It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut and never change things. But what’s the point of life if not pushing yourself and experiencing new things? Hint, hint.

Read on below for some of our favourites from the new stock. And beware, if you don’t snatch them up one of us will!


Oh! Holy Mary Cannabis Pleasure Oil

This is a pretty cool one, and a first for Play Blue. It’s a natural, orgasm enhancing oil that provides a completely unique sensation. The oil is based on cannabis sativa seed oil and can be used externally for a long lasting tingling vibration. Honestly, it makes heat sensation lube look like it’s for amateurs.


Glamy Sticky Vibes Glossy Silver Vibrator

Have you ever been jealous of spy gadgets? We certainly have, which is why it’s super exciting that we’re stocking the Sticky Vibes Glossy Silver Vibrator - allowing us to live out our James Bond tech fantasies. This unassuming tube of lipstick is actually a silent, powerful little vibe that you can fit in your handbag. It’s so discreet that you could leave it on your desk in work and no one would be any the wiser. Stealthy!

You2Toys Penis Plug with Glans Ring

If you’re in possession of a penis (not a silicon one) and looking to try something different, this toy is for you. It’s a two - in - one glans ring and dilator so it’ll stimulate many different parts of you, while simultaneously blowing your mind. Hey, remember what we said about pushing yourself to experience new things? We never said those new things couldn't be kinky af. 

You2Toys Double Strap On 

One for the ladies who love ladies (or maybe the more adventurous gent) this Double Strap On is fantastic. Basically having a double means you both get to enjoy penetration at the same time which is pretty neat. The product itself is well-made, flexible and adjustable. What more could you want?

So,have we sold you on checking out our new product selection yet?! That was just a small section - there are literally hundreds more high-quality, oh-so-satisfying sex toys on the site waiting to be given a good home. And with our next day delivery and excellent prices (if we do say so ourselves) can you afford not to have a gander?

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