Hundreds of Shiny New Products

Recently we have reached agreements with a couple of big new suppliers. This will enable us to launch a load of new brands and products onto PlayBlue. Already in the last 10 days we’ve added 261 new products to PlayBlue. We don’t just grab a feed and populate our database with a load of products without ever looking at them,  no way we do it right. We scour the full selection and order small quantities of what we believe are the best products we can get. We then check them out and if we like them we add them to the system anything we don;'t like we will never add to the website. So everything in stock on the website is in stock and ready to ship, it's the only way we can ship next day!  

Our new products include some really exciting new brands like

AutoBlow - New best in class male Blow Job Masturbator.

Rebel - Anal and Prostate Play never looked better.

Fun Function - Unique and Fun selection of Vibrators

Black Velvets - Slinky smooth anal toys.

Magoon - A huge selection of high quality Massage Oils

Bad Kitty - Affordable and High Quality Bondage and Fetish range.

Sweet Smile - Incredible Vibrators huge range and rock bottom prices.

Baile - Like Baile just has the full range of vibrators from Rechargeable to Realistics.

Nalone - An Old PlayBlue favourite back with a range of the latest vibrating technology.

Fetish Submissive - It’s all in the quality.

CoverMe - My new go to brand for affordable rechargeable vibrators, love them!

Queen Lingerie - Huge range we’ve only scratched the surface of this one and many more.

Secura - German made precision condoms.

This is just the start and we are going to be spending a load of time in the near future updating our range. We have such a selection of toys to choose from now with a combined choice of over 30,000 sex toys available now from our suppliers. If you’ve thought of it we either stock it or can get it, let us know if you are looking for something in particular.

We are really excited to see how these new toys go down with our customers. Check out all the new products in our New Products Collection. Stay tuned and check back regularly as we will be adding more all the time.

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