Foreign Sellers selling own brand crap... Really?

I'm going to be honest with you here (as I always fry to be) selling online has always been about just two things….pictures and price. Of course if no one visits your website it’s irrelevant but that is it realistically, pictures and prices.

I think it’s a little sad. This reality has moved retailers to cheaper and cheaper products where the real brands are squeezed out of existence until we'll only end up with cheap knockoff own brand copies of long dead brands.

I always believed when going to a sex shop online or in the real world you need to be asking yourself what am I buying? The answer is Pleasure, Satisfaction and Fun so if you end up with a €10 rabbit vibrator, I can tell you now it'll be a let down and its a waste of cash.

Rocks Off

Put it this way there will always be customers who buy a bottle of wine priced at €4.99 without a thought but at this price you need to ask yourself - what did they make this out of to make it so cheap and is that something I really want to drink as a relaxing pleasure? 

Five years ago honestly a good rabbit cost you €99 basic cheaper then this and you were buying cheap Chinese mass produced vibrators that you might get a month out of. But now there are incredible brands selling amazing sex toys at bargain prices. There is no need to settle for the own brand crap. Brands like Rocks Off, Satisfyer, Screaming-O and Sweet Smile are producing high quality sex toys that will last and will satisfy and not let you down. You buy a sex toy to enhance your sex life - You have to enjoy it or no matter what you paid for it, its a waste of money so surely it is worth spending that little extra to brand a brand that you can trust.

There are a plethora of foreign sellers flooding the market with cheap knock off rubbish. These are own brand or counterfeit sex toys that I can tell you will always disappoint. You can go to a website like Wish and get a "Fleshlight" for €30 but I can guarantee you it is not real or even worse second hand. No real trustworthy retailer is selling a Fleshlight for €30 because wholesale from Fleshlight they are dearer than this. We are back to, Is a bottle of wine for a fiver a good deal?

So I'll as the question 

Would you rather an own brand €10 Vibrator that is Meh or a €49 Rabbit from Satisfyer that literally blows you away.

Finally a trustworthy Irish retailer like PlayBlue will give you a guarantee, free returns, advice for free and we are truly more interested in you ending up with the sex toy you’ll love then anything else. Buy a brand from a local retailer, it’ll be better honestly.

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