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Buying sex toys as a Christmas gift is a little bit of a minefield I understand that. You buy an 8” Strap-on and your wife is expecting a bottle of Chanel No 5. It might not go down incredibly well. We always advise having a chat before buying sex toys so you both know what you like and much more importantly what you definitely don’t like.

Saying that, there should always be a place for a bit of a surprise, a little bit of spontaneity to throw the whole Christmas thing into a sexy little detour. Well the easiest and best way for this is gift packs. They offer a selection of products so you are nearly guaranteed to find something that piques your interest. Sex Toy Kits are also great to play as you can delve in and just pick a toy you’ve never used and discover together.

They also make great gifts as they are generally packed beautifully and ready for play.

Christmas Packs

Bondage Kits

Our best selling gift packs are always bondage kits. They are a really great introduction to light bondage and are always great fun. Let’s talk about a few of our PlayBlue favourite Bondage Kits

The Loving Joy Beginners Bondage Kit (€39.95) - This is one of our customer favourites. Strong PU Leather with all the usual suspects. A Blindfold, a flogger, Hand & Ankle cuffs, a collar, some bondage rope and a breathable ball gag. Even if you just use the cuffs and blindfold this is a kit that is built to last and comfortable to use. A perfect introduction to BDSM play.

Luxury Asian Style Kit (€25.95) - Stylish Asian woven patterns adorn this simple 3-piece kit. Velvety soft cuffs and blind fold with a gorgeous flogger this is a perfect kit for a luxury indulgent sexy night in. 

Blaze Ultimate Bondage Kit (€49.95) - A step up in quality and features this is a bondage kit that will let you really explore your darker sides. Made from quality strong PU Leather with fur lining. This kit includes Wrist and Ankle cuffs, a Mask, a Paddle, a Flogger, Feather Tickler, Collar & Leash, Ball Gag, Nipple Clamps and Rope. It is a kit that really has the lot and is built to play.

Sex Toy Kits

Sex toy kits are usually designed to let you explore a few sex toys and discover what works and possibly try new types of sex play. They usual also offer get value as you get a selection of toys usually much lower than their individual retail prices. 

Loveboxxx Gift Sets - Loveboxxx do a few types of gift sets. First the Deluxe Gift Boxes which contain a selection of high quality toys. There are Couples, Female, Male and Fantasy gift boxes to choose from and all tailored to deliver the perfect experience. We love them and they are beautifully packaged and really offer get value. Loveboxxx also do the cheaper clip bag kits designed as a one off play set. 

At PlayBlue we have a few kit options ourselves. The Mystery Box Kits are lucky dip sex toys which make a great surprise gift as you will have no idea what you’ll get. Great fun and a bit of a gamble, who knows what it could lead to. Then we have PlayBlue bundles which are toys sold in a bundle as a single discounted purchase. Great value and if you see one grab it quick as they never last.

Finally still haven't got a clue what to buy? How about a PlayBlue gift voucher let them decide.

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