Blinkered Focus on Customers

I spend a huge portion of my precious time trying to figure out what is important to our customers. Over the years being honest we have made a load of guesses and assumptions that with no evidence have become accepted gospel at PlayBlue.

Our tactics in my opinion have been sound, we have just tried to over deliver in everything we do and hoped that we hit the sweet spot.

We have had a blinkered focus on improving what we do for our customers since we started. We are in the satisfaction business and maybe we have taken it to heart a little too much but in every decision and move we have made at PlayBlue the priority 1,2 and 3 has been, will this help the customer have a better PlayBlue experience. 

This has led us into a situation where we could never have imagined 10 years ago when we started.

Customer Service

Free Gifts - We give out thousands of free gifts to our customers every month. In store and online we have literally been ploughing through boxes of free gifts every month and honestly we have no intention to stop. Our customers love them and we are delighted to be able to offer them.

Free Shipping - No one does Free Shipping in Ireland like PlayBlue. Just spend €20 and it’s free. Even in the Pandemic we were delivering the next day over 90% of the time. Personally for me this is the biggie as I just hate paying shipping.

Free Simple Returns - We try our best to be fair and returns is probably the one area of our business that has changed constantly. We don’t really do the Terms and Conditions confrontational returns. We just try our best in every situation to be fair. The vast majority of our returns involve the customer just binning the broken product and us sending a new one. No hassle, no messing with labels - just simple.

Price Guarantee - I’d say in the 7 odd years we’ve had the price guarantee we have had to refund about 5 times. If you see a real price for a genuine product cheaper than us in Ireland we’ll beat it - end of story. But good luck finding it, as I said it has happened a handful of times ever.

Sex Coach Guidance - We have our own fully qualified internationally trained Sex Coach in PlayBlue. Viktoria produces incredible Blogs and Videos to help you enhance your sex lives and is available free of charge to answer any burning questions you might have. (Not literally burning lol if you feel a burning sensation see your doctor.)

Dedicated Support - We have staff on call during business hours waiting to help. We have staff dedicated to manning our online chat system ready to chat. We have staff who proactively chase couriers to ensure deliveries happen on time. We want your PlayBlue experience to be fantastic and are beavering away in the background making sure that happens - try us out.

PlayBlue Shops - We have three stores in Ireland, Tallaght, Cork and Kilkenny with plans for more. We want to be local to you and want to be available for Pickups, Returns, Support and Advice that you can just drop in. Our in-store prices match our online prices too, no price gouging by PlayBlue I guarantee it. 

Paranoid About Discretion - We are absolutely paranoid about your privacy. We literally double and sometimes triple pack orders so your products are super secure and safe. We use plain boring packaging and never identify ourselves on the packages. We even use PB Ltd on Credit/Debit Card statements. Your privacy is mission critical to us and trumps nearly everything at PlayBlue.

PlayBlue Videos - We have over 500 videos and it is ever expanding. Showing you exactly what you can expect from products. No marketing bullshit just an honest true no gimmicks video on what the products are. The idea is to mimic a visit to a store and show the product from the perspective of you holding and examining the product in store. These videos are available on our product pages online. 

It’ll be amazing to look back in the next 10 years and see what more we’ve done. Don't just take our word for it see what independent reviews website Trustpilot says

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