Best Couple Christmas Gifts 2021 - Couples Sex Toys

Buying a sexy gift for you both this Christmas can ensure that you have a memorable festive period. There are so many incredible couples sex toys that limiting this list to just 5 has been a little tricky. 

In case you didn’t read my Christmas Gift Buying Guide - Just a little recap. Please don’t go off on a whim and buy a huge dildo for your partner without a little discussion. For a sexy couples Christmas gift it really is important that you discuss and choose together. Make it separate from other gifts, this is just a sexy little treat for you both to look forward to.

Sexy Couples Christmas Gifts

Without further ado here are our 5 Top Couples Christmas Gifts 2021

Satisfyer Double Joy - This has been a bestseller from the moment it was added. It pays homage to the incredible We-Vibe Couples Vibrators line and tweeks it to make a luxury, rechargeable, waterproof, silky silicone smooth, multifunction couples masterpiece. Everything you’d hope to have in a powerful couples vibe at a bargain price. Great for solo play but used during sex it is simply amazing and adds something totally new. Available this Christmas from PlayBlue for only €39.95.

The Doxy - Look this list has to have a wand and it’s Christmas so why not go to the big daddy of them all the Doxy. Probably the most powerful hand-held vibrator we sell and if you’ve never used a wand you’ll soon discover how versatile it is. With a Doxy you can apply incredible powerful vibrations to any sensitive body part for incredible foreplay or as extra stimulation during sex it is impossible to beat. I should give a mention to the MyMagicWand which is incredible too and only €29.95 but look it’s Christmas splash out and get the best. Grab yours from PlayBlue today for only €119.95

Satisfyer Legendary Duo - A great cock ring used well is just about the perfect couples sex toy. This new Satisfyer Legendary Duo is one of the best. Rechargeable, Waterproof, Silicone and Powerful. Dual straps for extra security and sensation. The vibrations wave through the straps too tingling penis and balls and sending pules of pleasure to your partner. A great starter in sex toys and available this Christmas for only €29.95 from PlayBlue.

Loving Joy Beginner’s Bondage Set - If you see Christmas as a time to get a little kinkier this is a great couples gift set that allows you both to explore some fantasy play. Constructed in PU Leather this set is strong and comfortable to wear and offers a safe set with a bit of everything to try out. It won’t all be for you but with a good quality set you get to enjoy discovering what you like and don’t like. This great bondage set is available this Christmas for only €39.95 from PlayBlue.

Rocks Off Chaiamo - When you really haven’t got a clue where to start we always advise a good bullet and the Rocks Off Chaiamo is one of the best. Super versatile and discreet it won’t get in the way but allows you both to send stimulating waves of pleasure to any of those more sensitive zones. Perfect to add that little pleasure buzz to lovemaking. Of course it works brilliantly solo for you both too. Smooth silicone, Rechargeable and backed with incredible power you can grab yours this Christmas from PlayBlue for only €39.95

I believe all the above make brilliant Christmas gifts and can be used by all couples straight and gay to make your Christmas passion that little bit better. I’d also suggest all can be enjoyed solo too and with a little imagination you can always find pleasure in these magic sex toys.

We have loads in stock in our Dublin warehouse of each (as of writing) ready to ship, what are you waiting for?

P.S. - Please don’t forget the lube, it really makes a difference trust us on that.

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