Christmas Gift Buying Guide

It some ways it can be a brave decision to buy Christmas gifts from a sex shop. I know from experience it can go horribly wrong. Christmas morning all wrapped up in bed just after a bit of slow romantic Christmas lovemaking she leans over and gives you a gift of the perfect set of headphones and a smartwatch and all you can think about it the 13” Double Dildo, Penis Ball Gag and Nipple Clamps in the box she’s about to open and you start to cringe. Not all surprises are good surprises. 

Sexy Christmas Gifts

There are a few steps you need to play with before you buy a Christmas Gift from a sex shop.

Step 1 - No big Surprises - A little counter intuitive as Christmas Gifts should be a surprise, surprises are good. Yes but how will you feel if she opens up a Big Bondage Set and you find out she has no interest in fetish play and it actually turns her off. Make sure pre-purchase you have a chat about the kind of sex toys and items you are both into and interested in trying. Make your sexy gifts separate from the normal socks and woolly hat gifts. 

Step 2 - A bit of Research - If this is all new to you and you want a little experimentation go for a Kit which will let you play with a few items. You might just be surprised what turns you both on. If you have a little experience then go for something a little special, buy quality because you know what you want and will work so you may as well invest a little and get a piece that will last you years. You need to search around see what is for sale and what might interest you both. I guarantee we have sex toys for sale you never even knew existed.

Step 3 - Pick the Moment - Obviously you don’t want Granny and the kids around the tree while you open that new surprise sex toy. Also no good giving a sexy gift just as you are making the dinner or when you are drunk or belly full after the dinner. I would suggest in bed on the morning of Christmas Eve or Stephen’s Day morning. You’ll have the energy and will have the time to play. You want a time when you are alone, together, in no rush and have the time to play preferably in bed.

Step 4 - Couples Toys are Best - The idea here is to buy a gift that will improve you sex life and you can both enjoy. Couples sex toys like We-Vibe or Satisfyer Double Joy are fantastic to experiment with and play. Wands or Bullet vibes are also great you can both explore with them. Some light bondage items are easy and fun too to try, a Bed Bindings kit or a mask and Cuffs set can really add something amazing to your love life. You don’t want anything too extreme - I’m not sure Penis Dilators and Christmas are a match made in heaven but hey that’s just me I’ll never judge.

Step 5 - Don’t Panic if it Doesn’t Work Out - If you get the wrong one or discover that the Anal Play Kit didn’t hit the spot don't feel it was a waste, all experimentation is good and finding out something isn’t for you can be great fun too. If you both stay open and communicate every sex play experience can be great. If it really missed the target get back on to and pick something better out together with next day delivery you’ll be trying something new tomorrow.

Kris Kindle / Novelty Gifts

We have loads of affordable funny novelty gifts from Sexy Socks, Sexy Board Games, Funny Sexy Gifts and loads more. Just please try to be mindful buying a Ball Gag for the loud Girl in the office or a XXL Penis Pump for that Boss who will never leave you alone etc can sound funny but let me assure you it’s not. It’ll only cause embarrassment and anxiety. So fun gifts are great if they are fun for everyone ok?

Saying that I love the CumFace Game and the Sexy Socks if anyone is looking for suggestions.

Finally Merry Christmas Shopping everyone.

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