10 Years of Free Gifts

We have been giving away free gifts with orders over €30 for 10 years now. That is hundreds of thousands of free sexy little treats to our loyal customers. It is one of the great things that PlayBlue pioneered, loads copied, then gave up but we will NEVER stop giving away extra surprises to our customers.

Our mantra from day one has been to over-deliver wherever we can. Ireland is small and we sell nearly 100% of our sex toys in Ireland. Ireland is our focus, we are Irish born and bred so we understand. We’ve grown up with the same catholic guilt and twitching curtains as the rest of ye, so when we decided to open PlayBlue we vowed to just do it better. One of the first innovations we came up with was the Free Gift, because we know we have to treat our customers well or they’ll go elsewhere. We don't own customers, we just get a chance to impress every time they shop with us and next time do even better and anyway who doesn’t like a little sexy surprise.

Our Free gifts have changed loads over the years from Sex Toy Bags, Vibrators, Cock Rings, Paddles, Lube, Body stockings, Masturbators, Dildos, Whips, Butt Plugs, Finger Vibes, Massage Oil and loads of others. We, I’m almost embarrassed to say, badger our suppliers relentlessly to get us new and better free gifts all the time. We literally get them delivered by the Pallet load and always need to have thousands on hand.

We have systems now in place to show the free gifts customers have had in the past so we can try to give them something new, not always possible for very regular customers and we have had customers who have begged for something new after their 5th Paddle Free Gift - sorry. But honestly we do try to vary the free gifts regularly.

Sexy Free Gift

Our Free gift is usually matched to the person and order as best we can with the limited knowledge we have. A male customer buying a Penis Pump and Lube, we would probably go with a free Vibrating Cock Ring. A person buying bondage gear would probably get a paddle maybe. Of course we don’t get it right all the time and we might also not have a good match so we just try our best. Emails from customers requesting certain gifts we read but often we can’t satisfy as we always have a limited selection. It’s best to treat it as a mystery little gift and let it be a surprise. Of course with the free gift you get possibly you won’t like it. Maybe you would never dream of using a paddle, please don’t take offence, we just wanted to give you a little treat. Maybe a free gift is a chance to try something completely new?

We have also now expanded to offer in store free gifts to customers who ask for one at the till after spending €30 - remember just ask and we usually have a selection for you to choose from. 

We have even expanded to give Students a free vibrator with no purchase required just ask in-store and show your student card. We do this as a thank you to all students for the incredible sacrifices they made during the COVID.

Free Gifts are now in the PlayBlue DNA and we look forward to another 10 years of giving sexy joy to our customers.

Check out the full details of how our Free Gifts work

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