Sex Lubricants Guide

Too Lube or Not to Lube

I’ve talked about it before but I think it’s about time we went over it again.

The one big mistake people make in buying sex toys over and over again is they scrimp on the lube. All sex toys will work better with lube and will feel 100 times better and sometimes I struggle to understand how customers can spend €70 on a top quality vibrator and don’t buy any lube.

Maybe they have loads of lube at home but you can never have enough and at our super low prices it never hurts to stock up a little.

All sex will be better for lube this is not just about sex toys and once you’ve really tried lubricant in your love play you will find it very hard to go back.

We obviously sell a full selection of lubes and they can all be found in our Lubricants category.

There are basically two main types of lubricant

Water based LubricantWater based Lube

This will be thinner and lighter then Silicone lube and will not last as long. Water based lube will also need to be reapplied regularly during play as it tends to dry out quicker. But it is generally much cheaper and more importantly safe to use with all sex toys. Water based lubricants should be considered the general use lubricant and used with abandon.  You really should always have a bottle on your bedroom locker for emergencies!

Silicone Based LubeSilicone based Lubricant

This will be thicker and gloopier than water based lubricant and will last much longer. It will feel much silkier generally and will hardly need to be reapplied. The down side is it is not safe to use with any sex toys containing silicone which is nearly them all nowadays as it will erode the silicone on the sex toy and damage it. Silicone lubricant is also generally more expensive then water based lubricant, but boy does it pay back in luxury.

You can of course use Silicone lube with any not silicone sex toy like glass or steel or other non-porous materials. If you can use Silicone lube it really is the choice I'd go for.

Life is Never that Simple

If only it was that simple and it once was, but as with everything it gets more complicated than that.

The choice after the main two types is incredible and growing by the day. I will give you a selection of the mains types available

Anal Lubricant

Lubricants specifically designed for Anal Play. They can be Silicone or Water based so make sure to check the details before using silicone toys. Anal Lubricant is generally much thicker than standard lubricant and generally contains more anti-bacterial ingredients. Some even come with numbing elements to reduce any discomfort. Definitely recommended for anything Anal.

Flavoured Lubes

Water based lubes generally with added flavours to enhance every kiss, lick and suck. Great for a bit of oral fun and the range of flavours available is just incredible. Ever tried a Mango flavoured willy?

Organic Lubes

More body safe, higher quality ingredients generally. Basically a bottle of feel goodness. But of course it comes with a higher price tag. So if only the best is good enough for you or you have super sensitive skin this might be the choice. Generally water based again, I’ve never heard of an organic Silicone lube not even sure if it’s possible. Oh and usually Vegan friendly too, just mind that beard down there will you.

Warming/Tingle Lubes

These have a few different names but generally work the same way. They are again usually water based and contain an active ingredient that gives a slight warming effect. This can heighten the sensation where it matters most. Can obviously be used on both him and her and are a fun little experiment if you fancy a change.

The Round Up

I could go on like the lubes with Delay ingredients to help you last longer or masturbation lubricants for a bit of luxury me time, but I won’t or we’ll be here all day.

There are also brands like every other consumer product like Swiss Navy, Sliquid or ID that tend to charge a slight premium. Some people swear by the difference and will never buy anything else.

To start off keep it simple with a generous generic water based lubricant that will generally work for nearly any occasion. Be careful with Silicone lubes if using sex toys, but if you’re not Silicone is definitely best.

Finally if trying any Anal play be extra generous with the lube as you can definitely have too little but never too much and Anal Lube works best.

The take away here is there is probably a lubricant for every occasion, but every occasion is definitely better with Lubricant.

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