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Most people when they think of sex toys they think of Dildos and Vibrators which tend to be women centric toys but things have really moved on in the last 10 years. There are now a huge selection of men’s sex toys that preform a whole wondrous array of pleasurable things.

But what about sex toys for couples?

Well when we sat down to discuss the best sex toys for couples we wanted to spread it around a bit we didn’t just want a load of similar designer toys. So we decided to split it into ‘Best of’ sex toys.

If you don't see one here that tickles your fancy well first off 'What's wrong with you????' secondly we have loads more where that came from see our Best Couples Sex Toys category.

Shots Remote 10 speed eggBest for Fun – 10 Speed Remote Egg

This is one of my personal favourites. It is an egg shaped remote controlled vibrator which will work from up-to 20 meters away. It can obviously be used solo or in bed for a little private couples fun and it's great as a remote controlled vibrator but the real fun part is when she wears it going out and he has the remote control. Then whenever he wants to see her squirm, just press a button.

Trust me this is a wonderful toy and the delight you'll both get from a little surprise while she's talking to a waiter will have you both ready for action, the real problem will be if you can wait until you’re home or not!

It is totally waterproof and offers the full range of vibrations to let you explore your favourite ones.


We Vibe
Best All-Rounder – We-Vibe 3

Most people’s number 1 couples sex toy the We-Vibe 3 is a C-Shaped vibrator that can be worn by the woman during sex and it will stimulate the G-Spot and Clitoris while also massaging the length of the penis. This will offer a whole new perspective on sex and is probably the de-facto couple’s vibrator.

It is also beautifully designed and is totally waterproof, rechargeable and comes with its own docking station. This is the original and getting better all the time, it really is something you'll need to try.

But of course it offers the couple a load more options and is essentially a double ended flexible remote controlled vibrator. We-Vibe themselves are also brilliant with suggestions on use and supply a booklet with 60 different things to try, just a small piece of advice please don't try them all out in one go.


Sex Door SwingBest for Something New – Fetish Fantasy Door Swing

Once you see it you’ll want to try it. A door swing is a strap style swing/harness that you hang from the door then one of you (usually the woman but we don’t preach) climbs into the swing this opens her up to a whole new set of positions for sex as she is effective suspended at the ideal height for some weightless style lovemaking.

It is super easy to fit to any door and there are no permanent attachments or tools required and takes only a couple of minutes to set up and take down. It can also accommodate up-to 300lb so you can rest assured and try out swinging for once!.


Choc Body PaintBest for Laughs – Chocolate Body Paint

First off a warning this is super messy and using an old sheet on the bed is a good idea. This is where you mix all your senses to an amazing sensual experience.

You will both explore every inch of your partner’s body with fingers and tongue as you first cover them with chocolate then suck and lick it off. Your side will hurt from laughing, it is near impossible to not enjoy this.

I would suggest you both get busy spreading it on at the same time, then squirm, wriggle and slide as you both try to suck it off.

You will have great fun with this if you just let yourself go and also this is a sex toy that won’t break the bank.

Honeymoon Bondage KitBest for Adventure – Honeymoon Bondage Set

If you’ve never tried even a little bondage you really need to give it a go. This introduction set comes with 4 Tethers, 2 Satin Hand Cuffs, 2 Satin Leg Cuffs, a Feather tickler, 1 Mini Vibe, 2 Candles and a Love Mask. Once you are bound to the bed with satin, you will be forced to submit to some incredible pleasure. As the love mask relives you of the power of sight your senses will heighten to explosive effect.

Explore your partner’s body and tease and caress them until they are begging for some relief, this introduction kit is stylish and non-threatening but is also a great way to explore a little fantasy in your relationship.


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