PlayBlue Guide to a Bigger Penis

One question we get asked quite a lot from men is “how do I get a bigger”

Now PlayBlue being Ireland’s best sex shop we tend to assume that they are talking about penis size, we could be wrong maybe our customers are all super small and have some serious height envy. But let us go with answering the penis size question.

Basically if you want to have a bigger penis you have the option of an operation (sounds a touch drastic and painful) or work with us. We have a few different methods that will help it’s just a case of finding out which is best for you.

For all our penis growing options checkout the male sex toys section on the website

Cock Rings

The simplest and easiest to use of the lot. What you do here is place a tight ring at the base of your penis. The blood is not restricted from flowing into your penis but is slowed leaving your penis. This will give you a harder, bigger and longer erection.

There is a huge selection available including vibrating ones, ones with multiple rings for the scrotum, cock rings shaped like rabbits etc.

The basic model will work well and is a great addition to any sex toy collection.

Click for the full cock rings choice.

Penis Pumps

Doctors and hospitals even recommend these for post operative care in some cases. It is totally noninvasive and will give instant results. Sounds perfect yeah?

There is a bit of a downside in that it won’t last too long without long-term use.

The basic idea is that you put your penis into a tube and the air is pumped out of the tube to create a vacuum. This will literally suck extra blood into your penis to give you a larger penis in length and girth. When the penis is removed from the pump the blood will obviously slowly start to flow back out of the penis which is why it won’t last long.

For best results you should pump close to when you would like to use your larger penis if you get our drift and with the addition of a simple cockring the blood will be restricted from flowing back out of the penis and the extra size should last longer. A word of caution here is take it slowly and beginners should use one with a pressure gauge. Check them all out here

Traction Devices

This also originated as a medical device. The idea here is to stretch the penis and hold it in the stretched position for a prolonged period to promote growth.

This devices are designed to be worn throughout the day and for best results you are expected to wear them for the medium term i.e. Weeks at a time, under your cloths.

The advantage here is that the extra length is permanent and these products claim that up to 3.5” extra are possible, not sure if that is really achievable.

This is for the committed and is not something you buy into lightly. They can be expensive and you need to wear them daily for an extended period. But saying that, they will work for nearly everyone who follows the directions and are in our opinion much better than surgery. The traction devices are in the pumps and penis enlargers section.

Sleeves and Extenders

This is the backup plan for many and works well for either a bit of fun or for a man unable to achieve an erection or who needs a little support. Again the selection is huge but the idea behind them all is that you wear a fake penis on your penis which extends your length and girth and adds extra stimulation like vibrators or erotic nodules depending on the model used.

These can be great fun and is something you should not be embarrassed to try. They obviously are great too for people with erection issues and can enable everyone to perform everytime. Click on either extenders or sleeves to check them out.

Anything Else?

There are tablets you can buy but their legality in Ireland is at best questionable so we don’t sell them. Basically we find that 95% of people who speak to us about penis size issues really are in the normal range and probably don’t really have a problem but for a bit of variety and fun it can’t hurt can it?

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