Choosing your First Sex Toy

Welcome to the strange world of sex toys, don't worry come on in we don't bite, well not unless we're asked to. This guide is for anyone who is new to sex toys and is considering trying one for the first time.

First off let me just say there is nothing to be afraid of here or embarrassed sex toys are fun safe and will give years of pleasure if you look after them properly. To begin with you should start small and cheap because you can't know what kind of sex toy will suit you. Also there are sex toys to suit every taste but take it slowly and you'll be fine.

Usually this is where you read a few Do’s & Don’ts well I’ve only just got a few Don’ts as for Do’s well do try everything else you won’t be sorry.

Don't Spend too Much

It might seem a bit strange for a shop owner to be saying to customers to not spend too much. Well we want you to be happy customers with the right product because happy customers come back. But if you have a pressing need to blow a load of cash feel free we won't complain too loudly.

If this is your first sex toy you really need to go for one of the cheaper options. These cheaper sex toys are a good way to introduce yourself to the sex toy without breaking the bank. The sex toys we sell are of top quality so rest assured when choosing a cheaper sex toy you will still end up with a good product that if you look after properly will last a long time.

Don't ignore the details page for the Sex Toy

We try to be as informative as we can on the product pages so please make sure you read the details of the sex toy. This is where you should be told anything important you need to know about the product. What kind of power source has it? Is it waterproof? What kind of material is it made of? It might look rigid in a picture but it could be made of jelly.

You really need to read up on what it is you are actually buying because a picture doesn't give the whole story

Don't go too big

I know most people believe bigger is better and even more so when it comes to sex, well for a first sex toy don't go too big. Too small and you can still enjoy it, too big and it's a problem. Unless you're sure go for one of the smaller or medium sizes.

There could be a number of dimensions mentioned too. Insertable length if mentioned tends to be an important one as well as circumference sometimes called girth. You need to build up to the bigger sex toys especially for anal toys. So remember start small and work your way up.

Don't forget the little extras

Where would Batman be without Robin or Sonny without Cher or Jesus without Judas or ...well you get the idea. The best sex toy in the world will need a little lube to get the most out of it. We stock a great selection of lubricants for every activity. Start with a water based lubricant because it will be fine with all sex toys.

You will also want a sex toy cleaner if you want to keep everything fresh and hygienic and the sex toys will love you for it by lasting much longer. They don't cost much and are a great investment.

Where to Next?

Ok I've given you a couple of important tips to help you avoid a few of the common mistakes. Still got questions? You can always call us or email us with a question we'd love to hear from you and will be delighted to help you choose your perfect bedroom partners.

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