Which sex toys to avoid giving as a present to someone who is…

I know, I know, giving a sex toy as a present is not the easiest thing. The more somebody matters to you when you choose an intimate gift, the more you want to be sure that you don’t make a mistake here, offend or scare them away.

When I speak to people in person about buying presents I know how concerned they are about getting the wrong thing. So let’s clear this part out so that you can buy with confidence.

And of course I added my suggestions as well.

What not to buy for a penis owner?

The so-called male masturbators are super popular right now, and ideal choices for those with a penis. Which are the ones not to choose? 

When you are not sure about what the sexual orientation of the person is choose a gender neutral masturbator like the Satisfyer Men Classic Luxury Masturbator, or a blow job masturbator, like the Tenga Flip Orb Orange Crush - Blow Job Heaven or the JamyJob Supersoft Rechargeable Ultimate Masturbator. So you can avoid making a mistake here. If you are looking for a stocking filler a tenga egg can be a really good choice here.

I would not choose delay sprays and creams or penis pumps as a gift (unless you go for humiliation, which is perfectly ok, if you know that the other person is into it), let them choose the right ones if they want them. The exeptions here are the pumps that are made for pleasure and vibrating, like the Premium Rechargeable Automatic Automatic LCD one.

Vibrating cock rings can be amazing gifts and they are not only for couples. Some of them are amazing for masturbation. Don’t choose a rabbit head vibrating ring for singles. Those are really for couples and designed for extra clitoral stimulation, but the rings like the award winning Satisfyer Royal One, the Romp by Womanizer - Juke Rechargeable Cock Ring or the We Vibe Pivot are super options. They can choose to turn the vibrating side to the bottom part, so that they make the testicles buzzing with pleasure.

Skip the prostate massagers or butt plugs if you don’t know if the person is into being on the receiving end of anal play. If you know that they enjoy anal play, but you don’t know more about their preferences than anal sets can be a good choice or something that has an extra functionality like a remote controlled butt plug like the Hueman Interstellar Remote Control Anal Vibrator or my favourite, the Rebel Plug Rechargeable. Or focus on toys for the prostate. You can always tell how healthy prostate massage is. :)

What not to buy for a vulva owner

I know that the most popular choice is a vibrator. Which is fine. But that is not really the full picture. Most people’s first choice would be a bigger vibrator, and this is not the best idea. Size matters, but not the way you think it does. Especially if this is her first vibrator. Choose a smaller toy. I would even recommend giving a vibrating bullet or a clitoris sucker. They are  much safer. Especially if you choose the Satisfyer Pro2+. This toy is epic for a reason.

A wand massager is also a good option. They are famous for being powerful and orgasmic. The Doxy is the most famous here, but if you prefer a rechargeable one, choose something with a softer, flexible silicone head, like the Body Massage - flexible rechargeable hand wand or the Lelo Smart Wand Luxury Wand Vibrator.
Choosing a multifunctional wand like the Javida Thrusting Rechargeable Dual Wand or the (superawesome) Vive - Enora Dual Wand and Vibrator is always a joker. You just can’t go wrong.

Vibrating bullets or clitoral massagers are amazing nowadays. They need to be powerful and handy. I would skip the battery operated plastic ones and go for other qualities. It can be something powerful and gorgeous like the Custom Bullets Soft Rechargeable Spring Pattern one, or a new generation of vibrating toys: a twirling vibrator, or foreplay favourite like the Satisfier High Fly.

One of the safest options as a gift is a set like the First. Self-Love Sexperience Starter Set. It provides a lot of freedom and versatility. So even if she doesn’t like one toy, she is probably going to love the other ones.

What Not to buy for couples?

Let’s start with something “lighter here”. A massage oil can be an amazing gift, if you choose the right one, or can go wrong if you don’t.
So the question is: how much do you know about their preference or sensitivity related to scents or flavours?
This is why it is worth considering going natural and skip the scented ones. The Exotiq Nuru Gel is amazing for this, hence it is natural and also water based so doesn’t even leave stains. Perfect for body to body slippery massages (they are preferred to be used in porn too for this reason). The Body to Body Massage Oil is also a good option even for sensitive skin. :)

Hence you want to find the yummiest present for a couple that they both can enjoy, try to think this way. So instead of giving them something that is mostly for one of them a multifunctional toy will benefit both of them. A wand is always a good idea. A toy like the Satisfyer Endless Fun - Ultimate Versatile Couples Vibrator is perfect and not only for heterosexual couples. So are the vibrating cock rings. Especially the Fun Factory Nos Couples Come Together.

A sex furniture is also something that is definitely for the both of them and worth considering. An inflatable position ramp or wedge provides so much new opportunity. A vinyl sheet is perfect for massages, squirting or even just to create a more kinky atmosphere.

The other joker category is the games. Cards or board games inspire and ignite new experiences. Monogamy is one of the most popular of them. But of course dice sets or cards are perfect stocking fillers. 

You don’t have to know the other person perfectly in order to find the right gift for them. 

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