Which sex toys does a man need to have?

When I say sex toys, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Most people think of vibrators first. But sex toys can provide way more. And sex toys for men are in high demand now. (When I say man I’m talking about people with penis.)

Sex toys are not only for giving you pleasure but they can help you to build skill or boost your vitality so having them is as essential as luxury. 

So let’s suppose that you are a man and you and you decide to have some sex toys and want to know what to buy and why. So this post is about to help you to choose what is best for you.

Penis pumps

If you want to buy “just” one thing, buy a penis pump. And you probably think, why a pump first and not a masturbator? Because penis pumps have lots of health benefits as well.

When you use a pump regularly it will increase the blood flow in your penis and your erection will thank you for all the hm… effort. Some men think it will increase the size of the penis on a longer run.
The pump will create vacuum and you can choose the pressure that feels good for you. Most pumps use manual effort to create the vacuum, which gives you a lot of control. I would suggest the ones with a flexible ring at the bottom. This ring closes the area around your penis so that you can create the vacuum. When this ring is broken you can easily buy a replacement universal ring, so you don’t have to replace the whole pump.

Some pumps provide vibration for pleasure or are automated, so they are also masturbators.
Most of them also have a cock ring, so when you have a strong hardon you can keep it longer.
This is the penis pump set that like to recommend, because it also has a masturbator as well.

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Male masturbators

Most men already know about Fleshlights, and they made male masturbators famous. They look like a Fleshlight because of the shape. You can usually have them in 2 sizes, different colours and different insides. Fleshlights are not the only options. There are several different brands offering these kinds of products.
The insides are textured and the soft material feels amazing. You need to use waterbased lube to keep the toy in good and safe condition. After a while you need a special powder to renew that inside. Clean it well, let it dry and use the renew powder when it is needed, and you are going to be able to enjoy it for a long time.

Some of them are made tighter so that you can practice edging and develop more stamina. These masturbators have some mounts as well so that you can put them up in the shower and move yourself so that it would feel like a having sex rather than jerking off.

But Fleshlights and other similar masturbators like those are not your only options. You can have vibrating toys. Automated blow job toys etc… The more you will look around the more you will be wondering who the heck invented these toys? So many are awesome and very unique. :) 

If you are unsure about using toys for masturbation the eggs are perfect to try something. They are small, made from soft and stretchy material and have different textures inside. You can even take them with you easily.

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Toys for prostate play

Anal pleasure is amazing. If you initiate it slowly and with lots of pleasure, you are going to be amazed by how fulfilling this will be. So you need lots of lube for sure. If you are going to choose any silicone toys, you can only use waterbased lube and not silicone. You don’t necessarily need an anal lube, but I would recommend using one, because most them are thicker and stay better where yo put them.

One of my favourites for prostate pleasure is a curved glass wand (which means you can use any lube). The curve is going to provide the yummiest massage for the spot. You can apply more pressure and angle than you would be able with your fingers.

There are plenty of prostate toys that you can play with and g-spot dildos or vibrators can also be perfect for the task.

The massagers, like the Divine Touch are very easy to handle and they will give the outside prostate point extra pressure as well to give you even more pleasure.

Vibrations and the prostate are a match made in heaven. This is why you will find a huge variety of them. Start with something on the smaller size and increase the size with time. The Rocks Off Beginners vibrating prostate massager is an amazing option and if you like it, you can swap the original bullet vibrator to a rechargeable, even more powerful one and woooooow.

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Look for curved toys that will reach the prostate easier, and you can cum from it. Some anal toys are not designed for prostate play and yo are very probably able to have anal orgasms as well. So the more universal anal toys that are not so focused on the prostate can help you to develop more receptivity for different kinds of pleasure.


Vibrating cock rings

Vibrating cock rings are not “just” for couples but are amazing for solo self-pleasure. Have some lube ready and choose the right form for you.

If you use the vibrating cock ring close to the frenulum you can make yourself cum without even touching your cock. Sounds yummy, doesn’t it?

But this is not your only option. You can have vibrations at the base of the penis and stroke the head with some lube. You are going to love this.

But if you choose a vibrating cock ring like this or this, you can turn it down and give your testicles extra vibrations. Always use enough lube and enjoy the effortless pleasure. 

Some cock rings can provide you pleasure at more areas at the same time, like this multi-teaser.

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Of course there are plenty of directions to move on from here, but I wanted to give you the basics. So grab some lube, enjoy having a cock and have the best time of your life.

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