Where is the real juice in the Fant-Ass-tic Vibrating Prostate Massager?

I guess it may be surprising to you that I’m testing a prostate massager, hence I don’t have one. And yes, I can’t tell you how exactly a prostate massager will feel on your prostate. And still I can tell you a lot about what you can experience and where I think you will be satisfied with this toy and which area you won’t. 

I tested the Fant-Ass-tic Vibrating Prostate Massager on my G-spot (because that area is a bit similar to the prostate in sensitivity and what kind of sensations feel good) and anally as well.


But let’s start with the first impressions:

This toy is about 2,5 the size that I expected. It all comes from the picture of a small little toy on the packaging. The box doesn't really feel heavy, but when I got the massager in my hand it felt heavy and kind of robust. The packaging is lightweight so all is the weight of the toy.

Feels amazing to hold it in my hand. The weight is optimal. The material feels silky and smooth. It is flexible, but not flimsy at all. It has this feeling of strength. The shape is really optimal, you can be sure to find your prostate with it. The bump on the middle provides this extra sensation of being fuller and also adds more stimulation. The silicone is premium quality, and this is surprising at this price point. We are talking about a cheap toy.

The head is pointy, but still big, so if you are a beginner you need some extra help to open up the area first and of course a very good lube. 

The centre of gravity is perfect, a little tilt provides enough movement and pressure to make the feeling super pleasurable.

These parts are the strongest features of the Fant-Ass-tic Vibrating Prostate Massager.

And what about the vibrating part?

This massager has a removable vibrating bullet. A very small one. The whole bullet is less than 2 inches. And hence the body of the toy is robust and strong; this bullet is not enough to create powerful vibrations around the prostate.

When you switch the bullet on, first you get the 3 intense, constant vibrations, after you have 7 varieties. To be honest the bullet is quite strong, and the most powerful area is the outside prostate point, it is just now enough to provide intense stimulations in the head.

If you are into moderate vibrations, or mostly interested in the massager functionality then the Fant-Ass-tic Vibrating Prostate Massager is an amazing toy for the price.

But if you are looking for strong vibration around the prostate then the best options are the toys where the vibration is really in the head or in the head and around the outside prostate point as well, like the Swakom Iker App, the Rebel Plug Rechargeable or the Silicone Rechargeable  Prostate Massager. (Some men use rabbits and g-spot vibrators for the same reasons, like for example the Sweet Smile Thumping G-spot Massager.)

I think that the Fant-Ass-tic Vibrating Prostate Massager is a really good toy for the price, but if you are looking for a mind-blowing prostate vibrator, then you should look further.

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