What I loved about this thong the most

I don’t like to wear panties that much, so I try to avoid them when I can, still I have plenty of occasions when I need them. So it is very rare that some panties make me intrigued, but this is what happened with the Ami Thong with Adjustable Sliders and Golden Details

You can have them in only 2 sizes: One size and Plus size. I’m size 16, so I chose the Plus size version (That is for size 14-20). 

Le Desir is the brand and they wanted to create panties that can fit most sizes, so this is why the Amy thong is very adjustable. While the thought that a thong is adjustable makes me feel accommodated I was worried about how comfortable or “stable” the Amy thong is.

The box is gorgeous and elegant and comes with a special note card as well upon opening, which is a nice touch. 

As I had the thong in my hand I regretted my decision to try it at all. There was nothing wrong with the product itself. I just remembered all the times I had to find out how to get something that is made mostly from strings on. With a big sigh I checked the photo on the box again which was very helpful, but the main help actually is the golden detail on the front. It is the best anchor to figuring out what goes where, which actually makes it very easy to find the way to wear this thong. My first disappointment is sorted. And after that actually I only had nice surprises.

The gold detail is a really beautiful add-on. The straps are very sexy as well. What I love the most about the Ami Thong with Adjustable Sliders and Golden Details is that I have several options of how to wear the straps thanks to the adjustability. I can wear them high and closer together or further, and hence I’m into variety this is freeing and I feel super sexy in it. :)

I have to say that this thong is so much better than I expected it to be. It is making me feel hot, open and in control. I also love the box and the note, which makes it a good present as well. 

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Ami Thong with Adjustable Sliders and Golden Details One Size

Ami Thong with Adjustable Sliders and Golden Details Plus size

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