What $ex toys should you bring to your holiday?

You are going away. Finally you have time to relax and enjoy yourself. These days should be about you, and you are wondering about how you can have the best time.

I’m here to help you out, so that you have extra reason to have the juiciest, best memories from your holiday.


Bring massage candles rather than massage oils

The best holidays are those when you can feel at home and not home at the same time. You want to feel relaxed and comfortable. Massages can bring you home to your body. Even if you go away alone. The luscious feeling of the massage oil on your skin feels divine.

But why massage candles and not massage oil?

Massage candles are not liquids in their “normal” state. Then you light them just like a candle. You can feel the fragrance, they create an amazing atmosphere. When the candle is warming the wax up, it becomes massage oil. You blow the candle, and use the warm massage oil to indulge yourself or your partner with it.
If you try your candles out first at home, you will remember the pleasant sensation and it is going to be even easier to relax into the massage while you are away.

The remaining wax will solidify back to the candle, so you don’t have to worry about leakage. Even though candles are not liquid, they are still counted as liquids at the airport, so it is better not to store them in your carry-on bag, or choose the smallest one, like this one.

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Bring a vinyl bed sheet or at least a pillow sheet with you

Of course, you want to take care of your environment when you are away. This can be very challenging if you are into massages, if you are a squirter or if you are into any messy play. This is when vinyl sheets come into play. You don’t have to worry about wetting the bed or leaving stains.

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We have small, travel or on the go options for you of some of the most popular toys. Choose from them.

Smaller toys don’t mean less pleasure. They are more compact, and easy to handle.

One of my favourite “handy” male masturbator is the Linx Onyx Sucker masturbator. It has the handle on the side, the material is amazing, you can clean it easily, and it is totally waterproof. 

If you want to bring a clitoral stimulator with you, the Satisfyer traveller is perfect. It is discreet, but still powerful, and the packaging is all about keeping your toy hygienic and also hidden from unwanted attention. The Ritual Shushu is small, cute and OMG. You will love it around.

A small, but super powerful bullet vibrator like my favourite one, is perfect anywhere you go. And a vibrating bullet is not just for clitoral play, but for nipples, balls, all around the butthole… or anywhere that you enjoy having sensations. 

Bring multifunctional toys with you

The Sono No. 94 Reversible masturbator and bumper is supersmall, but at the same time it is a cock ring and a masturbator. And also work as a bumper if you have some challenges about not penetrating fully.

This is a very interesting toy with so many options. Doesn't matter if you are female bodied or male bodied, single or partnered, you are going to find the Satisfyer Partner Multifun Vibrator.

The Satisfyer Royal One Ultimate vibrating cock ring has lots of merits. It is not just for couples. You can use it as a masturbator, you can use it as a vibrating cock ring, and can be operated by the Bluetooth app. By the way...

A Bluetooth operated toy is a good choice if your partner can’t be with you

Not the Royal One cock ring is the only option, if you can’t be together. Play with your partner and let them control your pleasure.
From prostate massagers to rabbits or couple vibrators you can choose the best one for you.

Click here for the Bluetooth operated toys.

A glass toy is always a good option

I personally think that everybody should own a glass toy. They are very hygienic, so easy to clean, and you can have them in all shapes. They are also perfect for temperature play, so you can chill them a little or warm them up. You can choose between butt plugs, small g-spot dildos, dildos with handles… 

Click here for the glass toys.

What about something that doesn’t look like a sex toy?

It is not always easy to have a toy with you when you share some of the storage or have nosy people around you. This is when these toys can be your best friends.

Who doesn't like a bath ducky? But this one has some naughty secrets. The Belou Flutter Effect vibrator is totally discreet, and at the same time it is a beautiful vibrator. The small ring at the end helps to keep it at place, and at the same time your eyes will love it too.

Most people would think that the Sweet Smile Rechargeable Spot vibrator is a cosmetic toy. Let them believe this, and enjoy the pleasure, this toy can offer to you. The Screaming-O My Secret vibrator looks like a mascara, but adds to your glow very differently.

Enjoy your holiday, and bring your favourite toy with you.

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