What do you need to enjoy being a squirter fully?

I love squirting. Most of the time. And sometimes I just don’t. I have had my own squirting journey, and this post is about all the practical things that can help you to really enjoy it, and what you need in order to create the best environment for yourself to squirt.

Start with my video about these 3 things that I didn’t know at the beginning of my squirting journey:

Feeling safe and comfortable 

When do you feel safe?
What do you need to feel safe?

How can you feel even more at home in your body right now?

When you want to experience something new and deeply intimate, you need safety. (There are some exceptions, I just wanted to add this as well, for more transparency.)

You need an environment when fluids don’t cause any problems. I have a waterproof pad that I can access easily, you can have waterproof bed sheets, and vinyl bed sheets are awesome when you know that your pleasure is going to be focused on juicy play. Of course towels can be useful. I find them a bit less safe. Playing in the bathroom can also be very liberating.

You need freedom to feel whatever is arising. This is true even if you are experimenting and playing on your own or with a partner.

If you do this alone, give yourself permission to connect with yourself and experience freely instead of starting with an expectation or forcing yourself to achieve something.
You very probably need some de-armouring first. Read more about de-armouring here.

If you do this with a partner, tell them that you don’t know how you will react, and the more you feel pushed or forced, the less pleasure you can feel. You can start to explore in “small doses” and then do something else.

You also need foreplay. Breast massage and sensual play are good choices.

Playing with the best toys

Your fingers are awesome and always handy. When you can experience yourself by touching yourself, you create more connections. You know exactly if something feels too intense or not enough. You can learn to feel your vagina better than ever. So this is especially good for the massages and all the “foundational” intimate contact that can help you to build more awareness. I wouldn’t skip this part, and later I would combine it with toys or your partner’s touch.

Squirting especially at the beginning usually needs more pressure. It is harder to give this to yourself. It is not impossible, just it is easier to get the stimulation you need from your partner’s touch or a more rigid, curved toy. You have more impact.

A curved glass dildo can have the angle and the pressure that you need (I recommend this one). And it also allows you to use any kind of lube, even oil based ones.

Very probably you are going to start with just some drops time to time. This is totally normal, so as that you won't squirt every time you are having sex. 


Feel yourself.

Be consistent and at the same time don’t force yourself to achieve something.

You are building skills, so give your pleasure “muscles” time, awareness and freedom.

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