Toy review: Vibe Couture - Rabbit Inferno

I got the Vibe Couture - Rabbit Inferno to review. And to be honest I wasn’t super happy about it. I can’t tell I couldn’t wait to test it.
First of all it was big. Bigger than what I prefer (and bigger in real life than how it looks like in the photo). But that is just my preference. I could tell by looking at it, that however the rabbit part has that extra bump, it won’t work for me. I know my anatomy well. 

But you know me, I’m curious.

It is a beautiful rabbit, I have to admit. 

The material is perfect, especially for the rabbit ears. They are soft enough to feel pleasant, but hard and flexible enough to transfer the vibrations powerfully. Actually one of the best ears I have tried, so if their position works for your anatomy, you will love them for sure.

My vaginal opening is a bit further away from my clitoris. According to “science” I shouldn’t be orgasmic. :D You know what, I am. And it is thanks to building on the pleasure pathways. So some of the rabbits just don’t work for me. I also have a kinda small and tilt clit. So taddddaaaa I’m challenging for some toys (and some humans:)). I’m aware of this, so I can work with this mostly.

Here I was able to play with the bunny ears. I like to bend them back and position them around the clit. This felt good. The bump that is supposed to give extra pleasure for my vulva was still in the air no matter how much I tried to find a position that actually worked. The rabbit head is slightly flexible, but unfortunately not enough for me. I’m not saying that the whole head is useless. It feels really good, the vibrations are powerful, I just can’t use the “extra” umph provided by the bump.

I actually love the accessibility of the buttons. They are easy to feel even when you don’t see them. The top button is the warming one. Hence all the functions work separately you can “preheat” the rabbit if you want to. I tested this. :) It is pretty quick. 

The other 2 buttons have the same sign on them, so every time I used the toy, I had to test first which one is for the rabbit head and which one is for the shaft.

It is easy to turn them on and there are 7 options to enjoy: 3 intensities of vibrations and some patterns. And they are amazing. The patterns have enough contrast to really create an experience. There is only one way to manage the functions so if you want to go back to the previous one, you have to go to the end and restart from the beginning. 

The shape and the material of the shaft provides an easy penetration. It is not overly big, just as I mentioned before, it is a bit bigger than my preference. (Yes, I know I tested even bigger ones beforehand, and I especially love this one.)

As you can hear in the video it is a reasonably quiet toy. This is also a plus that I have to add, and meantime it is super powerful too. So in general I found it even better than I expected. Too bad that I can’t enjoy all the pleasure that this rabbit can offer.

It is rechargeable, the plug in kind with an open “socket”. Even though it is declared as waterproof, I wouldn’t trust the metal, open socket to be really waterproof. Even though I'm an experimental person, I decided not to test this. 

My opinion is that this is a really good rabbit with lots of potential. Hence I am spoiled with exceptional toys, i wouldn't be my first choice, but it is a powerful, amazing toy, especially in its price range.

Click here for your Vibe Couture - Rabbit Inferno.

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