This vibrating bullet is something else

I love unique toys a lot. Or it is better to say I love the idea of a unique toy. Sometimes they blow my mind, and other times they are a bit of a disappointment.

So I got the Svakom Tulip Twisted Intense Pleasure and I couldn’t decide if it was a vibrating bullet or exactly what. To be honest after testing it for a while I’m still not sure what exactly this toy is. Which is not a problem, it is more a question of the best action.

I mostly use a bullet for clitoral orgasms. It is not the only “location” I love them on my tits, lips… They are small, well targeted, powerful… perfect for intense orgasms.

Most bullets have their vibrating engines close to their heads, so when you press them to the right point the vibrations go to the point of contact. Bullets are too small to be used internally.

The Tulip is bigger than the usual bullets. It has a very soft, nice material and it is textured outside. The engine is not at the top as usually in bullets, so you can feel the vibration more in the shaft than at the top. So when I try to use it as a bullet it feels nice but not as intense or deep as my favourite bullet.

The texture is a good idea, but it is only stimulating if you rotate the toy. It feels nice internally, but I just don’t find it big enough to enjoy it inside. I mean here that it is not easy to move it for thrusting. It just doesn't have the size and shape or handle.

On the other side my labia love is rolling in the middle of my pussy.

It takes quite a while to switch it on or off. Which was surprising only at the first time, when I thought that maybe I got a faulty one. But it was actually fine, just reacting slowly. The button is at the bottom. As it is usually on the bullet it is just one button that manages everything, so when you want to go back with the intensity, you have to turn the toy off then restarting again. 

It has 3 intensities of vibrations and 7 functions, so there is something for everybody. 

It is also a very discreet toy, quite quiet, easy to handle, nice to touch. It is waterproof and rechargeable. 

I want to emphasise that this is a nice vibrator, that feels good, it just seems to me that I prefer bullet vibrators or a bit bigger vibrators for internal play than the Tulip. Somehow the universal “feature” just doesn’t work for me. I’m spoiled with amazing toys. :)

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