This stuff made me wet in seconds

Orgasms oils and tingling lubes are very popular nowadays. 


Because most of us want more sensations and especially we want more and better orgasms. And orgasm oils and stimulating lubes are here to help you. 

The High On Love - Stimulating Orgasm Oil is not the first orgasm oil that I’ve reviewed. I was a bit afraid before the first one and worried about sensation overload, hence I’m very sensitive, but I had a lot of pleasure and I loved the intensity.

I expected something very similar from the High On Love - Stimulating Orgasm Oil, but it was a different feeling. 

Let’s start with the packaging

The design is gorgeous with the usual blush base and rose gold details. The box contains a beautiful rose gold bottle with a plastic protector, to keep the dropper safe. It really has a luxurious feel. 

Like most of the orgasm oils this one also smells a bit minty. According to the description this is made from natural oils combined with cannabis sativa (hemp) oil. 

The oil is very rich and thick. You only need 1 or 2 drops on the clitoris for the best effect. The feeling is not very intense so even if you are more sensitive, you are going to like the sensation. It feels a bit cool, but this was not the good side. While most orgasm oils aim to plump up the clitoris and create intense pleasure in order keep you in your body and feel more, the High On Love - Stimulating Orgasm Oil is not as intense on the clit. Don’t get me wrong, you are definitely going to feel it, but the sensation will intensify from rubbing the liquid in the area. 

If you don’t massage it in, the sensation is not very intense, so if you are very sensitive, just touch it lightly, but this is not the best part for me.

When I started to massage the oil in after a very short time I realised that I’m super wet. I remembered that this was in the description as one of the effects of the oil, but I wasn’t sure if it was because of it.

So I tested it again and again and again and I can confidently say that every time my body responded with lots and lots and lots of self-lubrication all over. I just enjoyed all the play for long periods. It is in my pleasure box next to my bed.

The High On Love - Stimulating Orgasm Oil was different like the orgasm oil I used before. It feels more natural and makes me very wet. It tastes a bit minty. If I want the sensation to be more intense I just massage it more in. I love the effect of this oil.

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