The sex toys you have, but don’t even know about

Unconventional sex toys are so exciting. These are all the things than can feel amazing, but you don't necessarily associate them with juicy sex.

One exciting challenge I do with my clients is looking for overlooked pleasure objects and toys in their households. But later on they start to look at the whole world creatively like wearing pleasure glasses.

For starting watch my video about some of the unconventional toys that I have in my pleasure box.



What do you find when you look around in your kitchen?

Metal cutlery can feel amazing for several reasons. They can be cold and a good addition for temperature play.

A fork can be used for light scratching.

The curved, smooth and hard surface of a spoon is an amazing addition in your kit.

Wooden spoons are “made” for spanking, but be aware that they can sting a lot…

Silicon bristles on dishwashing gloves and brushes are sensational for most people. Try them before judging them.

When you play with ice “cubes” not cubes are the only options. You can find plenty of different shapes. When you are looking for a silicon tray for ice, look around with those kinds of glasses.

What do you find in the wardrobe?

Textiles and textures can feel amazing on the skin. (Or not, if this is what you are looking for.) Yummm for the fluffy, the furry and the silky. And it doesn’t need to be a big thing. One of my lovers had a small, furry “finger cover” that he made. It just felt amazing. I didn’t know for a very long time what it was, because he always used it when I was blindfolded. It is interesting when you can’t exactly find out what that sensation can exactly come from, you just allow yourself to enjoy that.

The hangers for trousers that have those 2 clamps with sponge inside can be used as nipple clamps. They are very intense though, especially when you take them off. So be cautious with them. 


What about toys and tools

As you can see in my video, the fluffy toys can be good for sensation play. But you can also use anything that has the right kind of shape or material.

One of the objects that really surprised me was this necklace with fake petals. It was from a deals shop, didn’t look fancy at all, but the material and the petals repeating felt amazing when it was used for stroking.

I have this hair brush cleaner with some scratchy metal parts that provide a deliciously kinky sensation. 

If you have a spray bottle used for adding mist to plants (or hair), if you fill it with icy water and spray over the body (especially on a very warm body) you are definitely going to see reactions.

Chains are not “just” used for bondage, but also for the sensation, temperature and weight for creating a unique experience.

As you can see in my video, a chime is amazing for energetic play. The vibration of the sound hovering over the body can induce even energetic orgasms. I didn’t think about a chime as a sex toy before. Now I have one calibrated to the frequency of the throat chakra and my experience with it is amazing. Perfect for self-pleasure too. 

Recently one of my clients used a “back buddy” for massaging a spot on the back. The big S shaped massager with all the different bumps on it inspired my fantasy right away. 

Finding sex toys and sensation items everywhere is a skill that you can develop. The more you try simple objects, the more ideas you are going to gather for creative, mind-blowing play.

So you have some homework now. Go into some shops and look for unconventional toys. Give them a try, feel them on your own skin. Enjoy.

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