The secret vibration in my…

This was my first time to test and review a vibrating egg. I was so curious about this, because I love to wear my yoni eggs sometimes even for several hours and they feel especially amazing during  my self-pleasure, because I can feel my orgasms even more intensely. As my muscles are pulsating the smoothness of the hard crystal allows me to feel the strength of all the waves. But the yoni eggs are not vibrating. So a vibrating egg has some similarities and at the same time lots of new aspects as well. 

What is in the box?

The box itself is a darker red and it is a nice size. The kind of box that maybe you will like to keep. It even has a special “pillow” for the egg itself, so you can keep it in the box between uses. The charger and the small booklet are under the pillow.


How is the egg itself?

The red and gold egg itself is a medium size and has a “wire/antenna” part that ends in a small control drop with one button. So you don’t necessarily need the app to use the egg. The first couple of weeks I actually just enjoyed the toy on its own, without the app.

I love all kinds of toys that keep my hands free so that I can do other things. And I’m especially into “sex-slave toys”, like this one that I can wear while I’m doing something else. It just gives an amazing extra layer when I’m just sitting in the living room enjoying my cappuccino and some music and I have this diligent, well behaving egg in my centre making me even happier and more satisfied.

The toy itself has a nice wavy texture on the outside, but I couldn’t really feel anything extra because of it. Maybe it stays at its place better this way, but the texture is just not prominent enough to really have a impact on my pleasure. 


Let's talk about the antenna/wire

The “wire/antenna” part is half rigid, half flexible, which has lots of merits other than connecting the button to the engine. It has enough rigidity that I am able to move the egg by moving the wire, but this is not everything, the wire also vibrates when the toy is on. So I felt the vibrations inside of me, and also all the way in the middle of my vulva to my clitoris. HollyMolly this feels so yummy.

If you have read some of my vibrator reviews you probably remember that I’m usually not happy with the buttons, but this time I am. It is easy to find them, it is closer to me, and it is very manageable. When the vibrator is on, there is a light switched on as well under the button that flashes according to which program you choose. So lots of plus points here too from my side. 

The vibrations are very powerful, and as I said before they are well spread all over the toy. 

The 60 minutes continuous use seems correct, but not really enough for my taste. I personally would have preferred this to be at least 90 minutes, but I also have to admit that this is the cheapest app controlled vibrating egg, and at the same time it doesn’t feel like a cheap dupe version of something good at all, only the usage time feels less than my optimal. This means that I have to charge it after every 1-2 usage and I also can't go far while it is vibrating inside of me.

I was so happy with the Magic Motion - Magic Sundae App Controlled Silicone Vibrating Egg that I didn’t try the app control for a while. But then I did. The app has a nice design, easy to navigate. At first I struggled to connect the toy with the app, but after it was all ok. 



I only used it alone, but there is an option to invite others to control the toy. You even have an option to chat together while on the app, so your chat is secret and safe inside with photo uploading.

You can manage the intensity of the vibrations or rhythms if you want something else. And this part is actually very fun and intuitive. I loved it. You can even choose music as base for the vibrations. Still I have to admit that I just used the buttons most of the times, rather than the app. Maybe this is different if I would share the app with others.


Let's talk about the public wearing option


I personally find this toy too loud for me to wear at public. If you would want to go to a park alone far from people or if you go to a coffee shop where there is music and you are only with people who know about your toy at the table than it is fine. This risk is too much for my nervous system and I find the situation a turn off and not arousing. I'm sure that this same risk feels really hot for a lots of people. I haven't tried the Lush 3 yet, which is the most silent of all of the app controlled eggs. Maybe I would feel different about it. (That toy also goes 5 hours with one charge so allows way more playtime.)


But back to the Magic Motion - Magic Sundae App Controlled Silicone Vibrating Egg  it is a beautiful and powerful vibrating egg with lots of options and potential. 

Click here to have yours.

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