The new functions of progressive vibrators

At the beginning there were dildos. And dildos are amazing. We still have dildos, and love them a lot.

And after a time vibrators had shown up, so that we could feel the buzzing and the thrill of some kind of small rhythmic movement. We still have vibrators, and love them a lot. 

But we want more. We want more play, different sensations, more movement… so we get more.

But what exactly is that “more”?

Let's go through some of these new functions so that you can choose exactly which ones you want to experience.

Thrusting Vibrators

Thrusting vibrators are super popular, hence the up and down movement can feel very realistic. My personal favourite is the Silicone Thrusting Rechargeable Rabbit. The head is rounded and has a very interesting movement. A bit more than up and down. Feels really alive. The rabbit head is flexible and feels amazing. I have had some mind blowing orgasms thanks to this vibrator. At the same time, I find it a bit louder. You can choose “just” the thrusting, without the vibration. Almost all the thrusting vibrators I have tried are on the louder side. If you want a thrusting vibrator with a suction cup so that you don’t have to keep it in your hand, just enjoy the movement of the Portable Rechargeable Fucking Machine.

Click here for the thrusting vibrators.

Rotating Vibrators

Rotating vibrators have been around a bit longer than the other options. When the first rabbits showed up they had the rotating pearls, and these vibrators are still on demand. The rotating sensation is horizontal and is making your vagina feel very receptive to pleasure. 

Rabbits are not the only rotating vibrators. You can have vibrating eggs or prostate massagers with rotating pearls. I love the Rebel Plug Rechargeable (Read my review here). The rotating pearls are at the bottom of the shaft, so that you can feel them around the anus. This plug also have the knocking function, so let’s continue with that.

Knocking vibrators

Toys with knocking functions are relatively new on the market. Their name really describes well what you can expect. Fast rhythmic hits at one focal point. Not only the Rebel Rechargeable Plug (I actually love it on my G-spot), but the Javida Rechargeable Knocking Love Ball belongs here too. I would also add one of my favorite toy here, the Vive Kyra Rabbit. The rabbit head has a so-called Pulse Wave function, which is really like knocking. You can add this to vibrations but even “on its own” on the clit is an amazing feeling. (Watch my review here.)

Let’s check out the shaking and rippling vibrators

Shaking - rippling vibrators are very tricky and unique. They are very alive, massaging your vaginal walls and creating very intense, moving sensations without actual movement.

First Fun Factory has created the Pulsators. They wanted something that is more intense and feels more like a massage and you can feel it all over the vagina. And they did it. And they have actually created very silent vibrators for something that feels like a lot of movement.

Javida has a “dupe” of that vibrator. It is not the same, but the shaking feeling is quite similar to the pulsator sensation. It is almost like somebody would drum inside of the vagina, it reminds me of “heavy rains” inside of me. 

The vibrator with the ring

I love Vive Kyra, and when I saw the Vive Halo with the ring I was intrigued. I have a whole review about this toy. It is the only vibrator that I know of with this function at the moment, but I'm sure that you are going to see more vibrators with a moving ring in the future.

This is a rabbit vibrator with a ring that moves up and down on the shaft. You feel more in the entrance of the vagina, and really gives the feeling of movement while you stay filled up. I can only rave about this.

Air pulse vibrator

Air pulse vibrators have become epic soon. The fast sucking-pulsing feeling around the clitoris can feel divine. The first toy with air pulse the Womanizer is an epic toy now. So new variations are popping up. I personally love a good combination of the pulsing/massaging/sucking and vibrations. My personal favourites are The Twitch and Satisfyer Pro3+

Look around and choose your next toy.

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