The massage oil I choose for my breast massages

I have a good collection of massage oils. And they come in different types, scents and sizes. And the good part is that I feel inspired to use them on me, so I need more massage oil with time.

When it is about breast massages I really love warm oil. They feel amazing purring on my skin. The Exotiq Massage Candle in Bamboo Orchid is one of my favourites for this. I have already written a review of it. And the main thing is that after I use it, when I go to bed I can feel the scent very long and as my bedding absorbs it I can enjoy it more.

But a massage candle needs some preparation and time to warm the oil up, and sometimes I just want a breast massage right away, or I just simply crave variety.

And as I was browsing the massage oils in Playblue I realised that the Touche Sensual Massage Oils are kind of small, and they are sprays. And I’ve started imagining the fine mist on my skin, and the thought was yummy.

It is really a small bottle, so it is an easy buy. I just had to decide about the scent. Rose should be good for a breast massage. Especially if I want something ritualistic and more tantra like, but my curiosity jumped to the Apple right away. It is not the sacred flower but the juicy, round, tempting fruit. So I went with that. :) I don’t have any massage oils that contain apple fragrance, so I was even more intrigued.

The bottle fits in my hands perfectly, the pump works like a charm. The consistency of the oil is perfect for spreading. When I push the pump, the oil comes out easily. I need 2 -3 pumps for one breast. The oil doesn’t start to run all over the place so it is really easy to spread it on my boobs.

One of the best features of massage oils is that they absorb a bit slower, so you can enjoy  rubbing and massaging the skin a bit longer. This part is perfect here. I absolutely loved the oil on my skin, it didn’t feel either too much or too slow. My skin remains shiny and hydrated for long after the massage. It is easy for my fingers and palms to just slide on my skin. And there is no waxy feeling after the massage. Just the ease.

But let’s go back to the scent part. This is totally subjective. I personally don’t like intense fragrances. And the Touche Sensual Massage Oil is really not strong. Actually it doesn't smell like anything much. If I sniff it  on my skin and you tell me that it smells like apples then maybe I would recognise it. But it is just so nothing extra. Which can be good news for those who have a sensitive nervous system. The brand actually has a neutral massage oil as well for those who are very sensitive, so they want to avoid any extra chemicals.

I find it positive that the bottle is small, 50 ml, so it can even fit in a carry-on for flight. However the consistency and the spreadability are perfect I probably wouldn’t buy it again. (I have to mention that the price is good.) I love my massage to feel special, and the scent is a part of it. Of course I can add some scent to a neutral oil for example, so this is an option, just the Apple Scented Touche Sensual Massage Oil is not for me. Maybe I will refill the bottle in the future with some other massage oil, when I travel, because it is quite rare to find a spray bottle that really works well, just this massage oil is a bit like: “It is nice, I'm just not that impressed.”

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