The brattiest toy I’ve tried. I love it though.

It is very interesting that I’m trying, loving and reviewing vibrators, while I’m so into the variety and sensation play items, dildos, energetic toys and other interesting stuff. This is why I'm looking for the extra functionalities of the toys. 

What is more to try, explore, play with?

The Javida Pulsating Rechargeable Vibrator provides more than just vibrations, has also some extra shaking/pulsating options, and more…

Shape and material

This vibrator has a really nice, soft material. Slightly curved upwards, has some extra texture and an average size. Perfect so far. Now add that it has a “handle”. I love handles, they help a lot to really “control” a toy. This usually works for me well, especially with curved toys.


But all the buttons are in the curved handle, very challenging to reach. At the beginning it took me ages to turn the vibrator on. It is even worse when you want to turn it off, but you just somehow can’t. Ok. I have to admit I got better with time. I think now I’m almost getting it. I just had to practice. But totally worth every second of trying. 


When I got the vibrator in my hand for the first time I could feel that there was a heavier ball kind of thing inside of it. Probably this has a part in the shaking/pulsating option. As you tilt the vibrator you can feel this ball moving up and down inside.

Don't hold the buttons down too long, they really need just a short push from the right angle, to react. First you press the middle button to switch on and off. The only reaction you will see is the lighting up. You will see the + and -. They are not plus and minus (that is just there to deceive you, because this is a bratty vibrator). Pressing the - you will switch the vibration on. It starts very light first, but it is really powerful if you go further and you will find some awesome modes as well.

Pressing the + button you get the pulsations/shakes. And wooooooooooow. This is powerful stuff (but you can also go more gentle if you want). I had my first orgasm almost right away. As I told you, this is very intense.
The shaking/pulsating function is almost like a heavy rain in my vagina, and it is really worth it to play with the modes to find what works best for you at that time. (You will get better with the buttons soon.) Vibrations are on the high and fast spectrum. The pulsations/shakes are deep and powerful waves.

The vibrator part is quiet, but if you want to use the pulsations/shakes, that is a bit of a different story. Hence there is real movement inside the toy, it is much louder than the vibrator on its own. 

It is rechargeable, it is powerful, it is waterproof, the size is perfect too.
If you want it too, click here.

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