The Art of Seductive Kissing

Kissing is simple, isn’t it? You just press your lips to your partner’s lips and open your mouth and use your tongue and that’s it. Or is there more to kissing?

Of course there is more.

Especially when you want to kiss seductively.

When you want your partner craving for your lips.

How do you do that?

When you know what they are into, what really makes them tick, you know how to kiss irresistibly.

As an Erotic Blueprint coach I look for their blueprint, their erotic wiring.

It is ok if you know nothing about the blueprints, you will get all what you need here.

Energetics are into teasing, space and connection.


The most exciting part of a kiss for them is when your lips are coming closer and closer, but not on their lips yet.

All of their senses are vigilant and alive.

They want to feel. They are present af.

So you have to be present too.

And slow. 

You can even play with the distance. Coming closer and almost kissing them. And then move backward. You can even whisper Not yet to them to drive them crazy.

They are going to lean closer to you. They will want you. Give them space and time to enjoy these moments.

You can even blow some air over their lips playfully and hear them gasp.

When you kiss them, touch their lips light as a feather. Don’t go for their tongue.

Wait for them to open for you and only then move in.

And you stay focused and present, and withdraw from time to time but stay in the connection and don’t make fun of them. (That is for the kinky play when you go full tease and denial more.)

Those who are highly Sensual in their Erotic wiring want you to taste them and they want to taste you too.


For them it is all about the senses. You have to smell good and taste good if you want to seduce them. If you feel sexy and make them feel sexy too is a good start, but don’t rush.

Touch them, before you kiss them. Cuddles and long contouring touches of the shoulders and/or cheeks can be good starting points.

If there is music, and you can be close, body to body and move together they will be in the flow of the kiss already.

Lean closer to them, smell them slowly, inhale them before you go for that kiss.

Kiss them slowly and gentle, breath slowly.


Tell them how delicious they are.

Compliment the softness of their lips.

Play a bit with the tip of your tongue.

And moan. Let the vibration of your enjoyment be on their lips too.

If you are still wondering why should you kiss any different than how I started this post, than you are probably a Sexual. And you think that seduction is overrated, and the sooner you get the juice flowing the better. And if this works for you and your partner and you don’t want more, it is all good.

But if your partner feels different about this and not as fast and not as enthusiastic about having sex in their mouth than they are probably not primarily sexual in their erotic wiring. And however you tend to think that you are ok, and only your partner needs to loosen up, I would encourage you to experiment and see if they are more satisfied with other kinds of kissing. There is always more. And sometimes that more is actually a bit less or very different from the usual.

You love non resistance and going deep.

You love the feeling of freedom.

You love simplicity and penetration even if that is a tongue in the mouth.

You love being one as soon as possible.

But it is very probable that your partner is a bit different. And their needs are as important as yours. So give a chance for a bit of a play and try the other “blueprintified” kisses and see how it goes.

What if your partner is highly Kinky? How can you kiss them seductively?

Here there are more differences from person to person. It is really about what they are into. 

What about holding their hands above their heads when you kiss them?

What about telling them that you own them. And you will kiss them as much or as little as you want. It is all about you and your desire. That they are just your toys.

You can add some elements of the other blueprint kisses especially while they are blindfolded.

Maybe little bites will make their blood boil.

I wrote a little bit about tease and denial at the beginning related to the energetic blueprint.

You can make them beg to kiss you.

Or you can even humiliate them about how much they want to be kissed and they are enjoying themselves too much.

Withhold from them time to time, keep them down and let them work for a kiss.

Grab their face while you kiss them.

Shapeshifters are into a lot of things. So it is hard to tell what they are into at that moment. They are usually easily like what you like. And some of them are pleasers and don’t even know what they are into.

So play with them. Surprise them. They love a ride. Just remember, that just because they loved something one time doesn’t mean that all that will have the same effect on them. One thing is sure with them. They need variety more than anything. 

You have more tools and options than you think. And don’t worry if you don’t know your partner’s blueprint. Play with these tips. Just one thing at a time and see how they react.

Be present, be in the kiss and see what are the juiciest parts for you there.

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