Teasing, longing and connection - The Energetic Erotic Blueprint

I have already written about the Sensual, the Sexual and the Kinky Erotic Blueprints. It is time to talk about the Energetic Blueprint.

Are you very sensitive?
Can you feel your partner?
Almost feeling what is going on inside of them?
You know if they are enjoying themselves or something is off.
Do you have problems with boundaries?

The Energetic Erotic Blueprint is very sensitive and empathetic. 

Sometimes it is hard to differentiate what are your feelings and what are your partner’s feelings.
You love to feel wanted and desired. 

And at the same time freedom is super important to you. 

You prefer spontaneity rather than planned encounters, because you feel restricted when something is planned for you.
Other people’s expectations can turn you off as well. Even if they don’t tell them to you, you can feel them, and this is shutting you off. You are very sensitive to this.

What is the good side of being super sensitive?

You can have orgasms even without being touched. If you start to build these skills, you are going to be amazed by the reactions of your body, and actually how easy it is for you to have orgasms.

And I know that some of you now are saying that but I struggle to have orgasms, they are not coming easy, and I feel numb and broken.

You are not numb, you are not broken. You are shut down by the expectations and you are overwhelmed/overstimulated.

In order to really enjoy the huge amount of pleasure that is available for you you need more space. Slow down. Use feathers or very light touches, including hoovering touches, when your hands don’t reach the body.

It is essential for you to feel safe with your partner. You can feel when they are not in balance, not present with you and you just shut down. Communication is important, and if your partner learns how to hold space for you and your sensitivity it will blow your mind what you can experience together.:)

Start with practicing energetic touches by yourself.


Do you have any questions?

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