Strengthen your erection with these tips

Of course you want to enjoy your penis in all of his glory. And you deserve to have all the mind-blowing and juicy orgasms/pleasure that you can have. So what can you do for the endurance and hardness that you have always wanted?

But first of all what can cause weaker or “unreliable” erections?

The most obvious answer is physical (even though it is not the “only” reason). So if you experience erectile challenges the first step is to have a medical check out.

The causes can be related to:

- high blood pressure

- kidney problems

- hormonal imbalances

- heart and blood vessel disease

- weight gain

- medication side effects

- smoking

- alcohol

- drugs…

So looking more into the causes is not “just” about your erection, but your overall well-being. 

Still in my sex coaching work I mostly found that emotional and energetic (emotional just a bit “different” way) are the root causes. So if your doctor doesn’t find any physical cause you still have other options to explore. 

But I want you to have options even now, so that you can have all the support available. 

What can you do to improve your erection? 

Of course here are the obvious answers: eat healthy, exercise regularly, sleep well, reduce your alcohol intake and stress and take Viagra… but this is not everything.

So what else?

- Add supplements to your diet such as maca, ginseng and Ashwagandra.

- Provide a lot of fresh air especially in your bedroom. Breathe deeper and through your nose. Oxygen is your friend.

- Meditate for more relaxation. Because even if this sounds weird, relaxation is one of the keys for endurance and hardness.

- Humm… Even if this sounds strange, humming produces nitric oxide naturally which is essential for your penis for erection.

- Massage your penis regularly for good blood circulation. Get your lube or some really good, natural massage oil ready and rub it all over the penis and the balls. Click here for masturbation cream.

- Experiment with erection enhancing creams or sprays to support the blood flow in your penis. Click here for erection creams

Penis pumps are also perfect tools for building that endurance and performance that you want. Think about them as the gym for your cock. Click here for penis pumps

But of course regular masturbation is also your ally here. Not “just” for health reasons but also for having a better connection with your cock. This also means to opt for variety and exploration rather than going through the same routine over and over again. Click here for male masturbators.

Use a cock ring to keep the blood in your penis. This will help to keep you hard longer. Click here for cock rings

Make your satisfaction and fulfilment important enough to explore more, try new things, create excitement so that you can enjoy your sex life…

This also means that you will know more about your potential, needs and desires. Focus less on your cock and more on the wholeness of your sex life. 

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