It looked so promising, but…

When I saw the Satisfyer - Touch Me Red - Triple Motor Focused Pleasure I was intrigued. It has plenty of features that are arousing even when thinking about them…

So I couldn’t wait to try it. Why?

- it has a shape made for G-spot play

- has double clitoral stimulation

- has 3 powerful motors

- I can get strong internal and outer stimulations at the same time

- has the ring handle that helps keep the toy at the right direction

- rechargeable

All together for a wet and juicy self-pleasure session, right?

The material is nice and smooth. The clitoral stimulators are flexible and easy to fold. The body of the shaft is not flexible, only the base, which means that it can provide a lot of pressure to the G-spot. Good.

So as you can see, I had some ideas about what to expect when I switched it on.

It has a very similar button structure to the Satisfyer Pro’s. So the button at the bottom is the turn on button. The toy starts strong and the button on the top helps to decrease the intensity. And it is powerful, I can tell that even just holding it in my hands.

The middle button is for the 2 clitoral stimulators. They can’t be managed separately. As I put my finger between them, I was able to feel their intensity.  They have a bit of a higher frequency than my preference (I prefer the deeper frequencies), but they are definitely very strong. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

I couldn’t wait to go deeper. :) 

I needed some lube and foreplay and I was ready to go.

The shaft of the Touch me Red is quite thick and pointy so it is easy to insert with the lube. And my G-spot loved it so so so much. I could adjust it exactly where I wanted and the way it touched my G-spot was heavenly. With this handle I was able to hold the head just in the right direction and I could even move it easily by myself. This part was even better than I expected.


But for some reason the clitoral part just doesn’t work for me. I know that it is intensity but somewhere alongside everything it all loses “the mojo”. The stimulators are flexible and I could easily adjust them around my clitoris, but I found the vibrations weak for my taste.

When something like this happens my inner pleasure detective starts to analyse and investigate how to make it better. 

I don’t know where exactly the engines for the stimulators are, but what I’ve realised was that the intensity is in the tips of the stimulators, and those don’t really touch the area around my hotspot. The middle part is the part engulfing my clitoris, but unfortunately most of the intensity is lost at that area. Hence there is some flexibility this part can work for some people but not for everybody. It doesn’t really work the best for me.

I still love the G-spot vibrations, because this part of the toy is so yummy and perfect, I use the Satisfyer - Touch Me Red - Triple Motor Focused Pleasure a lot for G-spot orgasms. Too bad, the clitoral part doesn’t match my expectations.

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