Spoil those delicious nipples well

Nipple play and especially orgasms are not just for those with vulvas, but for anybody who is open and willing to start a yummy experience with nipples. Even if at the moment you are convinced that your nipples are numb, and they are not able to be sensitive enough or if you struggle with cumming. It is possible.

I personally know a couple of penis bodied people, who are able to come through nipple stimulation. I also know people of both genders who were convinced that their nipples are hopelessly non sensitive, and it all changed for them. 

The reason I’ve started with this is because I want you to read this with an open mind and allow yourself to experience like it would happen for the first time.

Your nipples have lots of nerve endings already (and yes, if you are born in a female body you probably have even more nerve endings). And if you don’t find nipple play pleasurable now it is more about connection and wiring those nerves rather than not having them.

Ok, but how?

“Just” feel those nipples first

When it is about pleasure everything starts with presence. If you are not present you are not able to feel. Then everything “just” happens without you even acknowledging it. 

The “Just feel the nipples” practice is super easy. So easy that your mind won’t think this can make a difference, while actually it is the essence of pleasure.

It can only be 1 minute or 2. And do it often. It doesn’t need to be only when you are alone in your bedroom. What you do is just stop for a little, and put your attention to your nipples. You can do one nipple at a time or you can try to feel them both at the same time (this can be like switching from one to the other in a quick pace) whichever feels better or comes more naturally to you.

And it is ok, if you feel nothing. Then try to focus on elements like, temperature, your clothing… You can move your body a little while being present with your nipples.

You can even touch the nipple and just feel. The more you can be present regardless of how pleasurable (or not pleasurable the practice is). This is not about having a result, but it is about staying present there as long as you can. If your attention wanders away, just come back and stay present.

It is up to you if you want to do this with your eyes open or closed or switching sometimes. It is again all about you allowing yourself to feel while your nipples are in the focus. 


Try different touches without expectations


A big part of my foundational work as an erotic blueprint coach is about creating the map of arousal. Every body has tremendous erotic potential. It is not about if you have erogenous and not erogenous parts, but about what feels the best for that actual part. It doesn’t matter if all your friends or previous partners loved nipple pinching if you don’t. Don’t even try to conform to an expectation. 

Be curious and explore

When it is about nipples you can try different kinds of touches and sensations and see which works the best for you. I would only start this after you have already done some “Just feel the nipples”, so you have the basics. You can also repeat this after some time to see if you feel differently (because that can happen too), especially if you have become more sensitive.


Energetic touches: very light touches, feathers, blowing (you probably need somebody else to help you out with this), hoovering touches, teasing…

Sensual touches: licking, massage, dripping juice over the nipples, ice cubes, warm oil, furry or other textured materials over the nipples, holding the breast and/or applying some pressure…

Sexual touches: vibration on the nipples, sucking, air-pulse, groping, nipple pumps

Kinky sensations: pinching, pulling, nipple clamps, weights, slapping

You won’t like everything from one category, this is normal, so is liking more than one category over the others. Maybe you like a combination of more of the categories, variety and contrasts if you are a shapeshifter.

Experiment with toys

You can always add toys to your experiments. Finger vibrators, wands and bullets are amazing to tease the nipples. Nipple pumps create more sensitivity, and some of this set even has different attachments. This rabbit also has a nipple add-on.

Some vibrators, like this bullet, have several heads. And just because this is a cock ring you can still use the rotating tongues for adding extra stimulations.

If you are kinky, nipple clamps can be good toys to start with.

Wire the nipples to increase reciprocity

When I say wire, I mean erotically, not physically. And you can do this alone or with a partner.

What does this mean? 

When you feel aroused, especially when you are close to orgasm, stop and start stimulating the nipples a little. You can always go back to what you were doing before. 

This way you connect your nipples into your highly pleasurable states.
Of course you don’t necessarily need to stop for the nipple sensation, you can add this to what you are doing and it will enhance your pleasure.

But if you stop right before your climax and all your attention goes to your nipples, your body is looking for the release, so if the most stimulated parts are your nipples at that moment, you can experience your first nipple orgasm after a while.

As I stated at the beginning your attention/presence will be the key for pleasure. So as you change your focus, you will experience more pleasure in your nipples than before even orgasms. Of course not necessarily right away, but with time this can happen.

Here comes the right sensation also in the picture. The more you know what your nipples love to feel the easier it is to build a bridge in pleasure.

Please don’t expect yourself to become “nippleorgasmic” right away. This can block your experience. Never come from how you should feel, what should happen in your body, just follow the pleasure and what is already there.

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