Sorry, we are not a good fit - Toy Review

I had great expectations. This butterfly looked so intriguing to me. The wings are huge and semiflexible. The shape and the size allows the labia to get extra sensations/vibrations. And I don’t know about your labia, but mine are sensitive and love to feel a lot. So it seemed that the Sweet Smile Rechargeable Rotating Butterfly and me are a match made in heaven. 


Let’s talk about its features before I’ll share my experience. 


It is rechargeable, waterproof and less noisy than I expected. I like the length and the “handle” with the buttons fits well in my hand. The buttons are easy to identify, even when I don't see them. This is my usual complaint, but not here. The first button is an turn on/off button, the next one manages the vibrations, the third one adds extra rotations.
It is on the thicker side, curved for extra stimulation. The colour is beautiful, the silicon cover is soft.

So all looks awesome so far.

Because of the thickness of the head I recommend using plenty of lube. 

The packaging wasn’t very informative. Or I just missed the right info. I accidentally realised only later that the rotations have more intensities, and I need to press the on/off button in order to enjoy them. The third button adds extra speed to the rotation, but only as long as you keep holding it. I understand this, and if you have a partner holding the vibrator for you this works pretty well, but if I have to hold it longer (for myself), I find it tiring. 


Ok, get to the real test.


All looked good before I decided to try this vibrator. I used lube because of the thick and rounded head. Hence switching this vibrator on starts the rotation, it is challenging to “find the hole” :D when it goes around and around. So it is easier to penetrate with it when the rabbit is off. 

I have to admit, it feels awesome when I keep the head inside almost at my vaginal opening and let the rotation and the vibration do the work. When I do this, the butterfly doesn’t reach my labia, so I don’t get the vibrations from it. 

When I insert the vibrator fully the wings are just somehow positioned weirdly. I wasn’t able to find the right depth and angle when I could really enjoy the rotations and vibrations all over as I wanted.

I have several other rabbit vibrators, but I haven’t had any problems like this with them. I wish I could really get all the sensations that this butterfly is promising, but I just don’t get there. I’m sure that plenty of vulva bodied persons will be happy with this one, and I’m sure that some of us won’t find this vibrator a good fit. 


Would you like to try it? Click here for the Sweet Smile Rechargeable Rotating Butterfly.

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