Do you want to wear your butt plug longer…

There is nothing like anal pleasure - when it is done the right way. And now I’m talking about being on the receiving end of it. This is why you can find so many different anal toys. Experiment with the most mindblowing anal toys and options for you is rewarding.

And what is the first toy that comes to your mind if I say anal play? I bet that it is an anal plug. And the most interesting thing is that the name suggest that butt plugs are for wearing them for longer period of time rather than used for anal play. The truth is actually the opposite. After 30 minutes of wearing a plug you start to lose some of the pleasure and benefits of it and wearing a plug for an extended period of time is not healthy. Some people still love it, and I would like to give them advice about how to do it safely.

Build it up

The thought of wearing a plug for a longer period especially as a preparation for anal sex) sounds like the most logical option but it is not. Anal training is something that you start step by step and build it up. (Read my post about it here.)

And when I say build it up I’m talking about 3 things: size, time and awareness. The first 2 are obvious. Start small, continue with small, and build up from there. And start with shorter periods of time and leave the plug in longer and longer… And of course the combination of the size/time is also important. Or you go bigger or you go longer, but preferably not both at the same time. I have to add here, that extra small toys can more easily lost here, so always choose one with the tip that can prevent the plug to slide in.

Why is awareness here? 

Because of so many people using methods or products to desensitize any discomfort coming from the butthole. And the problem here is that: you won’t know this way when you gone too far, you won’t know your natural response and build you “anal pleasure skills”.

The more you will recognise what anal penetration naturally feels to you, the easiest and safest will be to have the best of it, know when to stop or do the next step. Know your backdoor, and be aware of what is really going on there for you.

AND NEVER SLEEP PLUGGED IN. You won’t be aware of what is going on and you can seriously damage yourself.

Lube in, lube in-between and lube out

Lube is super important here. I know that you know it. And most people use some lube before inserting a plug, but when you wear a toy for a longer period, you need lubrication later as well, so that the plug could slide and create the least irritation possible. The goal is to have the sensation of fullness and or massage the right spots and you need lube for that.
And adding lube to the removal of the plug is as important as at the insertion. After some time of wearing a dildo your anal sphincter can be inflamed, and adding extra lube can help to avoid any damage caused by the impact of the removal.

And don't forget, if you use a silicone plug, you should avoid silicone lubes. Go for a waterbased anal lube.

Grab some anal lube here.

Choose the best toy

Silicone butt plugs are soft and more flexible which makes them more ideal for prolonged wear. Hence heavy plugs can feel very hmmm fulfilling, these are perfect options to consider as well.
Plugs with T-bar are a bit more secure and more comfortable to wear for longer periods, hence the T follows the natural butt crack dynamic. The small Booty Beau and the Fun Factory small and large plugs are ideal for this.

As I wrote before you have to build this up and there are some amazing sets to consider here, so that you can experiment on what exactly feels the best for you. This really works on a trial and error basis. Hard to know what shape or size is ideal for your rosebud without really trying some.

Secure the plug

Don’t underestimate your anal sphincter. It is very powerful and works hard to keep things in until it is time to let them go. And in some cases (especially when you have an object for a longer period of time at the entrance there keeping the door open) your donut can decide to let the toy go. Usually you can feel this beforehand, but wearing tight fitting underwear is a must. The last thing you want is a butt plug popping out and falling down. 

Some plugs are connected to cock rings, like this harness where the neck of the plug is very flexible so that you can feel secure and free and full at the same time. Or this Fun Factory Booty Ring can be a good option as well.

To be rest assured that everything is going to be ok. Have some wipes handy too so that you can take care of any leakage. Some people like to wear period panties when they wear a butt plug longer, so that they can be sure not to have any suspicious, unexpected stains.

Allow yourself to have breaks and go to the toilet when you need to, and remove the plug beforehand (add lube first). Examine how your butthole feels. Are there any extra sensitivity, bleeding, irritation or redness and according to what you see choose if you want to insert the plug or allow your body to relax and recover.

Have the best of the anal pleasure without risking your health.

Choose your favourite butt plugs here.

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