Sextoy Review - Sweet Smile Rotating Rechargeable Rabbit

This is my second rabbit from Sweet Smile. I wasn’t blown away by the first one, and here I am, testing a new rabbit.

It is a nice, medium size. The rabbit head has the usual 2 bunny ears and the extra “peak” part. The head is not particularly flexible, so I only can enjoy the bunny ears, not the extra curve.
Another vibrator, that doesn’t go well with my anatomy. If I hadn’t got that much pussy worship, maybe I would think I was a freak or something. But I am not. Duck every company that doesn’t care about making sex toys that can actually really fit a wider range of people better.

But I have to admit that the Sweet Smile Rechargeable Rotating Rabbit has some merits. I always complain about the buttons on vibrators, but not this time. It is easy to feel them. Easy to remember which button does what. Easy to navigate them. So I actually love them here.

The button on the top is the on/off button, so I don’t need a “long push” for all the buttons when I want to stop the vibrations. And everything reacts right away, like a charm. 

The middle button is for the shaft. And the shaft doesn’t vibrate, only rotates with 3 different speeds. Which is actually not necessarily a bad thing. I love using my Halo rabbit with just the moving ring on the shaft and not with vibration so that I can enjoy the sensation of movement.

The rabbit head has a separate button. It is quite powerful. Has 3 vibration intensities then some patterns. The first 2 intensities of the vibrations are quite quiet. But when you go for the third that is a big jump in the noise level. Check the video and you will hear it.

The rabbit head feels very good. That is also part of the advantages. I don’t really enjoy rotations much at the back of my vagina. My cervix is sensitive and I worked a lot on cervical orgasms that are amazing, and I’m protective of it. The strong rotations are not for me there.

If the shaft was shorter and the rotations were around my g-spot that would be a very different story for me. But if I would hold the rabbit there, then the bunny head wouldn’t touch me at all.

It is a rechargeable vibrator, that is easy to handle. I personally find it average in power, and as I have mentioned before it just doesn't fit my anatomy and my preference.

If you like the deep and actually strong inner rotations, this can be the perfect vibrator for you. 

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