Reviewing the Rocks Off Oriel

I am a big fan of the Rocks Off brand. I love the frequency and power of their rechargeable vibrators. The Rocks Off Oriel had been on my interest list for quite a while and when I finally got one, I couldn’t wait to try it.

I usually prefer a good bullet over wands, hence I find them easier to handle and much lighter, but still powerful when at the right spot. Most wands are or a bit too big and heavy for me to just use them every day or are too loud. Don’t get me wrong, they are awesome and powerful (especially the plug in ones). But I’m open to finding the right wand that can come as handy as a good bullet, has lots of power and provides something extra. I have to say that I found all of these in the Rocks Off Oriel. This is an honest review, I just love this stuff so much, and I enjoy expressing it and going deeper into exactly why.

Let’s start with one of the best features of this toy. It goes 3 hours with one recharge, I just love how dependable this wand is. :) Five stars for endurance. 

The vibrations are strong. I have to add here, that the tip of the wand is not vibrating as powerfully as the sides. It just feels amazing anywhere, and I come fast and intense very fast with it. And when I’m climaxing I just need to move it just a little bit further away from my clitoris and I can have lots of waves of orgasms without too much stimulation. It is just enough to keep me going even longer.

The size of the wand is an average medium, and it is on the lighter side. I find it very perfect for play. The head of the wand is big and oval shaped, so it has quite a lot of vibrating surface and it is easy to move it around or clean. The material is a very smooth silicone that is good to feel on the skin. 

The head is perfectly shaped and it is also flexible. Not in a way that you can bend freely, but in a way that you can reach wherever you really want it with resilience.

You can read me constantly complaining about the buttons of toys and how challenging it is to manage them when you can’t see them. It is very different with the Rocks Off Oriel, because the buttons are textured and not levelled into the handle so I can easily find them and can differentiate between the 2 without looking at them. 

The one on the bottom is a turn on/off button so it won’t just accidentally start vibrating from a single touch. When you press the turn on button the bottom of the wand lights up so you know that it's ready for your command. The button above it is to choose the intensity/function. I miss having a plus-minus option instead of going in loops between the intensities and functions. Even though I don’t really use the functions much, so this is just a minor thing for me.

The Rocks Off Oriel is a medium quiet vibrator with very delicious, deep and powerful vibrations that makes me come fast and strong. I love the 3 hours play with one recharge option as well.

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